Thursday, July 9, 2009

Summer 2009 far

Giddy up, ya'll!!! It's rodeo season, so you know where we'll be on Saturday nights! We always hit at least three every year (Lehi, Pleasant Grove, and Scipio of course!) but since Scipio is on Pioneer's Day and these pictures were begging to be posted, I just have two for your viewing pleasure. Here we are at Strawberry Days in PG. It had rained THE WHOLE DAY before we went, and continued to rain while we waited for the rodeo to begin. Luckily we had our straw hats and a blanket, so we didn't get very wet. And the rain stopped when the rodeo began, but left the mud :) That was the funniest rodeo, everyone got up soaking with mud! Oh, and the strawberries, only ate two cups this year. And every time we tried to take pictures, Pete's hat would tilt mine all weird. Notice the guy on the far right? Why do people look at the camera when they know they'll be in it? He was nice, but looks SO grumpy.

And Lehi, more professional but still way fun. This day was perfectly warm, but got a little chilly at the end. Yum yum, burgers with special sauce. I had two by the end of the night! With these rodeos being only a week apart, isn't it crazy how hairy my man got? He used to NEVER shave! I picked this picture (though blurry) because this is the only on that the grandma on the right wasn't smiling at the camera. People are so weird! Now I kinda wish I put one that she was smiling, just to see how awkward. No cowboy hats at this rodeo! It was awesome, even the "half-time show" with the dirt bikers was awesome but way scary.

I hope you've hit (or will this summer) at least one rodeo! We look forward to it every year! Next up, SCIPIO!!!! I promised Adam I'd make my hair "as big as Scipio girls". Betcha can't wait to see THOSE pictures! :)

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