Wednesday, November 18, 2009


Having no new pictures on my camera (and after a request from my sista) here's more of Brody. He's now 12 weeks old and LOVES to chew everything! Luckily, we close our doors and he's only out of his kennel while we're home so we haven't lost anything to his chewing yet. He's almost house trained (and when I say almost I mean he's perfect for a week and then he'll have an accident). His favorite treats are pig ears cause he can chew them until they're gone (our favs too because that's the only way we get him to leave us alone for more then two seconds!). He's learned to sit on command and we're working on stay. He loves to play and wrestle with Adam. He's learned that after he goes potty outside to go to his bed, because that's where we keep the treats. He bites all of the time, but has learned to be soft and knows not to bite when we say no (but still likes to try to see how much he can do before we say something, which is never very long). He always thinks we have treats in our hands right after work, so he'll jump to get them though we never have anything. Brody loves tummy scratches the most and will go right on back as soon as you pet him, ready for a belly rub. He's such a stinker but he's our stinker and we love him.

(Don't let the pictures fool you! he's already gotten so much bigger since I took these!)