Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Opened Closets

I was reading a blog not too long ago, and it talked about closets and pantries, and how lovely it is to shut the door so no one can see the chaotic mess behind. Then I read a friends post today about a Relief Society lesson she just had, and how everyone wants to show their best side, whether at church, around friends, or especially on their blogs. So I read some of my older posts and didn't recognize this person that's on here! This girl seems totally sane (ha!) and loves to cook, sew, decorate, and spend time with her husband doing what HE likes (aka. fishing, air shows, SCIPIO, etc.). So, I'm opening my closet, getting it all out, in hopes of reorganizing :)

*I don't mind making my bed, but I never do it. I spent FOREVER making my cute bedding and it's only on my bed on the weekends......sometimes.

*I wake up 20 mintues before we leave for work. Now you get why I wear a ponytail almost every day?

*I sometimes take a swig of the milk in the fridge, but it's just me and Adam that drink it. Well, we hardly drink it!

*I never eat veggies. Not that I don't like them, but I'm horrible at planning meals and I never remember to cook vegetables until we're almost done eating. So I always try to eat my veggies when we go out to eat.

*I can't stand cleaning the shower. I'd rather vacuum the whole house TWICE then clean the shower. Maybe if I did it every week, it would be easier to clean.....don't think I'll ever find that out.

*When I got married, I seem to have become "fashion retarded".

*I leave bobby pins and hair elastics EVERYWHERE, but then there are always some close :)

*I don't like taking baths. I prefer hot showers, alright? Sue me.

*I have about 2 unfinished sewing projects for every one that I finish. Like that head scarf for Adam from last hunting season..... I promise I'll finish it!

*I never iron anything. Ever. Unless it's really bad, and then I try sticking it in the dryer for a bit to get the wrinkles out, and only after a couple attempts will I finally just iron it. I don't hate to iron, I just really suck at it.

*I rarely floss. Maybe once a month. Gross, I know. Too much detail? Probably. But I've never had a cavity and I have one of those stupid "permanant retainers" that makes it impossible!

*I can cook, pretty well I think, but after a 10 hour day and the daily question of "What's for dinner" (like I spend all day thinking about what I could whip up in 15 seconds to please a starving hubby) I usually don't want to. So, sometimes we just go to Costco. Or Ikea. Or Wendy's. Then I don't feel bad about the cost of eating out :)

*My husband drives me crazy when he leaves toothpaste in the sink, gets spots all over the mirror from whacking his toothbrush on the sink, and doesn't put the new toilet paper roll on the holder, but rather on the back of the toilet. I don't get it, is it really all that difficult! Yeah, weird things bug me, but I love him, so I brush after him so I can rinse out the sink, I clean the mirrors, and put the toilet paper from the back of the toilet to the holder.

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The Nothem Family said...

can i just tell you that i love this post on your blog... you do always seem like you are so put together, and i am your sister. it is just nice to know that i am not the only one on some of those things