Tuesday, August 10, 2010


Never reupholstered anything before...ever. So what was I thinking when I decided to reupholster a COUCH before my due date? Hmm, maybe procrastinate it until TWO MONTHS before my due date? Yeah, hormones make me crazy in more ways then most...

But, it's done now! Guess a looming deadline was enough to push me to get it done. I forgot to take before pictures before I started ripping the fabric off. But just imagine this.... yep, old burnt orange velor... can't believe we EVER had this in our home As Is. Guess that shows how little money we had to spend on such things

Now it looks like THIS!!!! It's sweetly residing in our front room, so everyone that enters our home will see it's prettiness before the dog jumps on them or they see the pile of dishes overflowing in the sink :) The light tan color goes so well with the neutral green color of the walls. Love Love LOVE! Now, on to pillows..... After I get a bunch of other projects done that have been put on hold :)

Fishing at Trial Lake

Last Friday, we left home early (how Adam convinced me to get out of bed before 6? Good question...) and started the drive to Trial Lake, off of the Mirror Lake Highway. Pretty, right?

We fished in our float tubes, like usual, but my waiters hardly fit over my belly and I had to use my father-in-law's float tube because I can't fit in mine :) Fishing was slow at first, but once I found what they were biting (gold Jakes, for anyone that knows what that means) and told Adam to try it out too, we started getting bites. I caught the first one :)

Adam caught an albino rainbow trout and was quite proud, since I had said whoever got an albino first got a 30 min backrub. Unfortunately, I caught one first, but it got away before I could pull it in all of the way, voiding my attempt!

Together we caught about 10. I caught 4 myself and this is my last one, which happened to also be the biggest of the day. Adam told me to hold it up for the picture, and after screaming once and dropping the fish, I finally got a hold of him :)
It was a fun day, especially when Adam "lost" his wallet (which turned out had fallen into his waiters) for a long while.