Saturday, November 26, 2011

October and November...

Now that Wyatt's over a year old, my goal was to post AT LEAST monthly, but that is so much harder then it sounds for me. So we'll catch up with two months!

After Wyatt's first birthday, he was finally heavy enough to get a forward-facing car seat. He loves it, looks out the windows and likes to smile at us through the rear view mirror. Sleeping can be a little tricky, though. It makes me so sad when I hit the brakes and his head bounces forward, followed by sad fussing in the back seat :(

Before Halloween, we went to our favorite pumpkin patch with our friends (Kevin, Amber, and Paisley) to get our pumpkins. He loves to ride Daddy's shoulders!
Riding on the John Deere tractor.

Playing with PJ

While we carved our pumpkins, Daddy thought it would be funny to see what Wyatt did with the insides. He touched it once and that was that. We didn't dress up, but for sure will next year when he's old enough to go trick-or-treating!

Off to the zoo we went! It was Wyatt's first time and he really like watching the animals. We went with Uncle Brant and Shelley, and our favorite part was when the baby elephant chased the chickens out of his pen :)

Passing on some of my family traditions to Wyatt. Pie is a HUGE part of Thanksgiving for my family, so part of that is eating pie for breakfast on the morning after Thanksgiving. I don't think Wyatt minded sharing my pumpkin pie with me, do you?
Wyatt has been getting into everything and climbing up everything. He's walking along furniture like crazy and has started to climb on and off of the couch. His favorite pass-time (if I'd let him) is pulling off the toilet paper and putting things into the toilet.

This little guy is very interested in how things work and making them work all by himself. He's been trying to figure out the baby gate, loves to stack cups and "mix" with a bowl and spoon, and every time we wakes up in his crib, he turns on his projector :) My favorite moment... he woke up from his nap, and when I went to get him, I had some of his laundry to put away, so I did that first. His projector had turned off, so he walked to the other side of his crib to turn back on, and then walked back to where I was :) Wyatt loves to play with Brody. He laughs at him a lot and LOVES to get his ball. Oh, and feeding Brody his "leftovers." Plus, playing in Brody's bowl (mainly putting his food into the water bowl) is always fun :)

We had such a good Thanksgiving with both of our families and can't wait to have a wonderful Christmas season!

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Wyatt is One!

We accidently skipped a month because we were so busy, but we'll catch up this time! Our sweet baby is turning into a little boy! We've been up to a lot lately, so here are just some highlights.

Wyatt and I have gone to the splash park a few times this summer, since it's just down the street. He wasn't crawling yet, so it was mostly just Mommy swinging him into the water, but Wyatt loved it!

My Grandpa passed away suddenly, so Wyatt and I went on a road trip with my parents to Phoenix for a week for the funeral. We stopped in Vegas on the way home and Wyatt was AMAZED by all of the lights everywhere! Here he is in front of Excaliber.

Wy is really starting to love toys, so he plays a lot on the floor now while Mommy gets things done around the house. Now that he is crawling (about 11.5 months!), he loves to chase around the toys that he got for his birthday and play.

Baby Boy looks a little funny in this picture, but he is really starting to move around. He's started to pull himself up to the couch and has even figured out how to go up the stairs! Now we just need to figure out how to get DOWN the stairs, but it's much more difficult :) Recently, he just stays away from the stairs going down, or he gets scared if he get's "stuck" on the stairs because he can't get down. He's always so cautious!

We had a fun birthday party for Wyatt, but Daddy and Mommy made sure to make his actual birthday special too. We gave him a few small presents (John Deere UTV and toy semi truck and trailer) and clothes. He loves that JD UTV and plays with it a lot on the floor, rolling it back and forth and making vroom sounds. We also ran lots of errands on his birthday, and made sure to stop at the Sweet Tooth Fairy for a cookie and some cupcakes for later that night.

Little Man has recently gone through a growth spurt, so he's getting a whole new wardrobe! We've been shopping for clothes that are long enough, but not too big for my skinny mini, so it's taken a lot of trying on, but he's been awesome. I can't believe he's been wearing 6-9 month clothing since he was 6 months! With shorts and short sleeves, it was hardly noticable, but now that we're venturing into warmer clothes, I couldn't believe how short his pants were getting!

Wyatt has suddenly become interested in the TV. Not always, but here he is, watching HGTV on the plasma. He really likes the Sesame Street music video that we have and watches that about once a week!

Some more things we want to remember:

**Wyatt has six teeth now! The past three months has been exciting going from no teeth to six. There's always a new one coming!

**He's starting to pick up on little things and is copying and communicating. He signs "all done" VERY enthusiastically when he's finished eating, and copies my tone to say "thank you" after I've given him something. He knows specific words like drink and loves and kisses, so it's really fun to see the new things he picks up each day.

**When Wy gets excited, he fake-laughs and pants like he's out of breath. He thinks he's so funny.

**Wyatt is kinda in between one and two naps during the day, but still sleeps really good at night.

**Wyatt loves Brody, especially Brody's FAVORITE ball. He will drop anything to go crawl after that ball if Brody will let him get to it. Often, Brody thinks he's playing, so Brody will grab the ball and knock Wyatt over. Wyatt cries, so I started saying, "Tell Brody, no no" and pointing my finger at Brody. Wyatt's starting to pick up on it and points to Brody whenever he gets mad.

**He still loves to eat. A few of his favorites are grapes, noodles, milk, chocolate milk, fruit loops, and graham crackers. He also loves to eat whatever we're eating and is never picky, a stinker sometimes, but not picky.

**It's so funny to watch when he's doing something "naughty", because he is SO easily startled. All I have to do is say his name in a warning voice and he jumps so high! Sometimes he gets startled so badly that he starts to cry :) Guess he just has a good conscience early on!

We love you sweet boy. More and more every day! You make us laugh constantly and if all of our kids were like you, we'd probably have 10! You are so fun and mild and sweet.

Monday, October 3, 2011

Wyatt's First Birthday Party!

Wow, my baby is one. Unbelieveable! We had a fun little birthday party with family and closest friends. It was supposed to be camping themed, but with a surprise funeral that afternoon, a lot of the decorations were thrown out the door cause we didn't have time to put them up! :)

Let's make this quick, so hopefully I can get through this post without crying :)

We had lots of people over in the backyard, including Wyatt's bestie, Paisley. Kisses!
Yummy yummy food, including burgers, hot dogs, dirt'n'worms, owl cupcakes, and s'mores! And thanks to everyone who brought something.

LOTS of family came, any one that could be there (ie. not out of state) was there! This is Adam's side of the fam (since mine was "segregated" on the other side of the patio. Why do families do that?)

Special b-day cake I made for him. I had to hold it away while we sang "Happy Birthday" because he kept grabbing for the candle :)

This kid takes sweets seriously! He ate quite a bit of the cake, especially the frosting, but he definitely needed a sippy cup of milk after.

Wyatt is so loved, he got so many great gifts! Lots of fun toys and clothes. Took a little incouragement from Mommy to get him to open the presents.

Roasting marshmellos over the fire is the perfect way to finish off this "campout".

Thanks to everyone that came and made this birthday so fun!

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Ten Months Old

July has gone by in the blink of an eye! We've been busy busy.

Wyatt and I went with Amber and Paisley to Daybreak Lake. They loved playing in the sand and the water. They are best buddies! Paisley calls him by name as soon as she sees him. Oh, and calls Adam, "My Pete" since he goes by Pete to most of his friends :) So cute.

On July 23, we went to Scipio for the annual rodeo. Uncle Brant came with us to go shootin' with Daddy, but Wyatt liked him best when he shared his snow cone with him :) We had to leave early, but the rodeo wasn't very good this year and we had a very tired baby, so it was okay.

It's been full blown softball season around here, and Uncle Brant is on the Monday night team this year. Wyatt and I go to as many of Daddy's games as we can (unless they conflict with bedtime!) The Blind Expressions team (Mondays) has done really well this season as usual, but this year Daddy and Kevin joined another team on Wednesdays...they're not very good. I think that team has won 2 games all season? Ha! Daddy's been playing 2nd base on Monday's, which is a fun change from the usual 1st base.

This picture is a little blurry, but it's so Wyatt. He LOVES to eat anything and this was his first chocolate chip cookie. Think he's a fan?

My whole family (minus Steve) came into town for Pioneers Day. We had so much fun spending time with cousins and family. We went camping over night and Chantel's kids loved it. Wyatt especially loved seeing Grandma more often the usual. He's happier with her then anyone besides Adam and I. Maybe because I take after my mom? Grandma loves holding and playing with Wyatt and was making him laugh and smile while playing with McKayla's Pooh Bear.
I like to post videos so I can remember how we acted and the funny things he does. He's starting to laugh at everythng, or nothing at all. And his laugh is getting bigger and bigger

*Wyatt's new favorite food is strawberries. He will pass up on hot dogs AND string cheese to eat some fresh strawberries! But I think they're still second place to ice cream :)

*Wyatt falls over a lot recently. He sits on the floor and tries to reach things that are out of reach, therefore tipping over. A lot of the time, as he's falling, he rolls on his tummy to avoid "getting hurt." He gets so mad, but we're trying to make him figure out how to get out of the situation rather then just fixing it for him.

*He seems to be going through another growth spurt. And as of today, he has three teeth!

*Wyatt likes to roll his trucks back and forth and make "vroom" sounds. It's his favorite toy by far, and it's about the cutest thing I've ever seen.

*Nicknames: Scooter, Buddy, Dooder, Baby Boy

Wyatt, you're getting so so so big! Can't believe your birthday is coming up so soon. We love you more each day and you hold our family even closer together.

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Hike to Lake Blanche

4th of July weekend we decided to hike to Lake Blanche. Because of the heat, we got to the trailhead at 6:30am. Early early. Getting started on the hike, still in great spirits, but Wyatt was tired. He kept looking at me like "mom, why am I not asleep in bed right now?"
Everything was so green and shaded on the way up.

Wyatt was such a trooper in his backpack. He kept sticking his right arm straight out to grab the leaves off of the trees. No luck:)

It wasn't an easy hike.

But the end was beautiful.

The last 1/4 of the hike, Wyatt got really tired and fussy. So his daddy carried him in his arms until he fell asleep. What a good daddy.

This is Lake Blanche. Next to it (below) are Lake Lillian and Lake Florence.

We stopped for a lunch/snack break and then headed back down. It was hot and sunny the whole way down. Blek! We were so tired that it took longer to go back down then it was to come up! It was exhausting, but such a pretty destination. Just wish it wasn't so hot hiking back down. We were all ready to be done and back in the car :)
Not too much to update, since I recently posted about what we've been up to. But this is all about Wyatt!

Scooter got his first tooth! You can see it kind of shining in the picture below. He constantly sticks out his tongue to feel it.
Can't wait until he gets more teeth so he can eat better then just sucking on everything! (just crossing my fingers he doesn't start "biting") His favorite foods are string cheese and hot dogs, but will really eat anything. He loves yogurt, raisins, graham crackers, pretzels, peas, and applesauce just to name a few. He even likes shrimp that we just tried for the first time with fried rice. He's such a good eater, I'm so glad! At his 9 month doctors appointment, he had his blood taken and the doctor said that he's getting enough calories (how his blood can tell you that, I have no idea). It was such a relief that my skinny string bean was thin because of his genes (surprise!) and not because of any other issue.

We went to the Riverton Days carnival with our friends the Smiths and the Broos. Wyatt was really tired (wouldn't take a nap all day!) but he was a trooper.
Paisley loved to go on the kiddie rides. So cute.
Daddy won Wyatt this hammer. He was so strong!

Amber, PJ, Cameron, and Jackson going down the Big Slide. Paisley and Jackson weren't as thrilled going down, but Jackson would never admit it :)

Happy Family!

Wyatt's stats:

18 lbs 4 oz (20%)

30" long (95%)

Still wears 6-9 month clothing

He's not crawling but he pushes up when he's on his tummy. He is starting to mimick us already. If we sneeze or cough, he smiles and coughs back at us. When I make noises putting lotion on him (cause it's cold), he makes the same noises. He knows how to clap his hands and give "high fives". He really likes to read the book "Mr. Brown can Moo" and giggles when I make the animal sounds. His favorites are Moo and Cock-a-doodle-doo! When I get him up from his naps, I like to slowly peek through the door until he sees me. Then he usually gasps and starts kicking and trowing his arms. His favorite is to kick both legs and throw both arms above his head at the same time, over and over, to which he usually laughs at himself. He know reaches his arms out to us, sometimes just to be picked up, but often reaches for Daddy when I hold him or the other way around. He says "a-da", usually a whisper, when we say Brody or when he sees Brody. And still says da-da when he sees his daddy. He's sleeping at least 10 hours straight at night, which is awesome!

He is getting so so big and is more fun every day. Adam always says "Man, I love that kid" all of the time and it just reminds me how happy he makes us. He keeps us laughing every day. We love you Baby Boy. Can't believe how big yo're getting! Stop growing so fast!

Friday, June 17, 2011

What's up

A lot has happened lately, so I thought I'd update the ol' blog BEFORE Wyatt's 9-month date.

Rodeo season has finally arrived! First up, Herriman Rodeo. It was really nice outside... until the sun set. Burrr! Never been cold during a rodeo before!
Here's my little stud-muffin and me.

We went with Kevin and Amber, and of course Paisley!

Wyatt and Paisley are becoming best buddies and they were both dressed to the nines for the rodeo. Pais looks so cute in the boots we got her for her first birthday! They both were very distracted by the animals, especially the sheep!

Gotta love the belt buckles! New family tradition.

The next weekend we went up to Bear Lake for a Peterson weekend getaway. Grandma Peterson had to "supervise" Wyatt's cousin Avery. She LOVED him and always wanted to hold or touch him.

Wyatt didn't know what to think of the toy merry-go-round. Daddy even let go! Yikes! Playing after dinner where we got the Old Ephraim.

We went on a tour of the Minnetonka caves about 30 minutes outside of Bear Lake. It is a constant 41 degrees in the cave year round. Burr! And the dripping from the ceiling didn't help warm things up either.

Wyatt's nose was cold and red :) Posing inside the cave

I had a much needed "girls night" with my old high school girlfriends. It's been a long time since I've seen them all, and it was so fun. Wyatt was ready to go home after 10:00 passed and I didn't realize it was so late!

Wyatt got his first haircut! I know, at 8 months old! But it's really straight and was starting to get too long that we couldn't style it easily anymore.

Before: (kinda out of control)

And about an hour later: (yeah, it does take that long on him!)

So handsome, looks just like daddy's!!! And so much better.

See you in a week for Wyatt's update!