Thursday, May 31, 2012

Update Post

 Update post:
Man, this one might just kill you to get through, but I have a VERY good excuse! Babies are really difficult to grow, and that has been my focus for the past few months (well, that and trying to keep my eyes open and my food down!) So I'm going to try and update you on what's been happening around here lately, and then later do a Wyatt update post, since he has really changed a lot in the past 6 months.

This winter seemed like it came with a lot of sick days for Wyatt.  Nothing major, just a little throw up here, coughs, and lots of runny nose wiping! Here's Wyatt right after a bath brought on by sudden throwing up.  Since I wasn't feeling good in the mornings a lot, we spent quite a lot of time in this corner of the couch, watching TV and drinking juice/milk.

The three of us went to our first hockey game and had tons of fun.  Wyatt didn't take a good nap that day, so we worried he'd be a mess, but he just sat on Daddy's lap most of the time and watched the game.  And he liked to smile at the people behind us because they were sharing their popcorn with him, until I got him his own bucket.


Scipio was really fun this Easter.  The weather was nice and Wyatt loved to walk around and explore.  (Just a note for me to remember: We DIDN'T sleep at all in Scipio.  Wyatt slept fine until we all went to bed, then woke up, got in bed with us and fell back asleep, but this boy is a wiggler, so we didn't fall back asleep.  When I tried to move to the back room with him so daddy could sleep, he would go back to bed, so Daddy took him for a long ride so I could sleep a few hours and Adam slept an hour in the car.  I'm surprised we could even function the next day.  On the way home, we drove separately from Orem to our house and we were both so tired that we called each other to talk to keep ourselves awake!)

Wyatt LOVED throwing rocks in the creek with Daddy. And Daddy loves to do boy things in Scipio, ESPECIALLY with this little guy.


On Easter, we dyed lots of Easter Eggs.  Wyatt liked to get the eggs out, but it was tricky, so after sticking his hand in the dye a few times, we put him in his chair next to us, with his own mug of water and a plastic eggs, and let him go to town   
Wyatt has finally gained an interest in TV.  He doesn't watch it straight through, by any means, but he does like to sit in the mornings and drink some milk and watch Caillou while Mommy tries to get some breakfast down. 
After a smooth first trimester, we finally let everyone know that we are pregnant with baby #2. Since this is so late, we know now that we're having another little boy and everything is still going smoothly.  We're having our ultrasound soon, so cross your fingers everything looks perfect and we don't have any scares again.
Wyatt got these sand tools for Easter and he loves love loves to dig in the dirt.  It keeps him distracted so I can get some yard work done.  The clean up I have to do behind him is well worth the distraction time. 
The Day cousins came for a visit, and though I thought I took some pictures, this is the only one I found.  My parents took all of the grandkids (minus Sam who's in New Orleans) to the aquarium and said he loved to watch the fish with Grandma.  She's one of his most favorite people in the whole world!
For work, Daddy had the firemen come to his office and "water test" one of the new lights they were producing.  Which meant they strapped the big light down and the boys had fun seeing how strong they could spray the light before the glass finally broke.  Since they were making a special trip to the office, I took Wyatt and his buddy, Paisley, to go check it out.  Wyatt LOVED the firetruck, Paisley was nervous around it.
Mommy got a nice camera for her birthday/Mother's Day, so we played around taking pics outside, which is Wyatt's favorite placed to be!  Daddy is playing softball this spring with his usual team.  We love hanging out with Paisley and watch their dads hit and throw the ball  

We didn't have any plans for Memorial Weekend, or the weather made us change them, but we wanted to do something fun.  On Saturday, we went to Cabelas and drove through AF Canyon.  We took every detour possible, so it was a LONG drive.  It was snowing on top, so the combo of fresh white and spring green was too hard to resist.

Since we were driving like 4 hours, and Wyatt only slept for 20 minutes, we all got antsy and decided to get out and walk in Provo Canyon by the river.

Sunday was a stay at home day (Wyatt wouldn't take a nap either), with a small trip to Grandma and Grandpa Peterson's house for a visit.  Wyatt had his first accident (besides his skull fracture) walking home from church with Daddy.  Walking/running downhill on the sidewalk is always tricky with new shoes.  I took this picture when he passed out on the way to Grandmas to remember his ouchy and because he managed to sleep AND keep his sippy cup in his mouth :)

Monday was so nice, we had to get outside.  We went to Thanksgiving Point to walk around the gardens and go to the animal farm.  Wyatt crashed in the car right before we got there (day 3 of no nap!) so he was sleepy at first, but loved the animals once he woke up a bit.

So that's it! Hope you survived.  Next, hopefully this week, will be a journal update on Wyatt, so we can remember the funny things he's doing and saying.