Sunday, December 2, 2012

Here He Is!

 Let's try and make this as short and sweet as possible :)

I kept having really strong contractions from 36 weeks along, but they always went away before they got to 5 minutes apart. So at my 38 week appointment, when the doctor told me I was 5 cm and fully effaced, but no regular contractions, I knew I had to do SOMETHING to get the baby out! So once I started having regular contractions at Adam's softball game that night, as soon as we got home really late, I took the dog on a walk to *hopefully* get this labor started. After I got home, my contractions were strong and 5 minutes apart for an hour, I gave my mom the call to come over at 1:00am to watch Wyatt and we headed to the hospital.  They admitted me right away. Unfortunately, after a few hours of relaxing on the hospital bed, my contractions died down to almost nothing!

Sleep was hopeless. But I had dilated 1/2cm, so the nurse had mercy on me and let me stay. They started me on Pitocin and at 7:00am, Dr. Twelves came in to break my water.  Started pushing around 10:00am and after 10 minutes, Weston was here!
 6 lbs 15 oz and 19" long. Ten fingers, ten toes. Perfect.

 Daddy is always a mess :)
 Grandpa and Grandpa Peterson came to visit once we were settled in our new room.
 Once he had eaten a few times, he finally got his first bath from Mommy.  He LOVED the water on his head.
 Papa and Grandma came later in the day.
Since my mom was watching Wyatt while I was in the hospital, Big Brother got to meet the new addition. At first he wasn't so sure about this baby.  He was really stiff and confused, and didn't want to hold the baby for very long.  Grandma and Papa were MUCH more fun!
 The last night I stayed at the hospital, Daddy had Wyatt since my mom had to go back to work. I sure missed my big boys until they came that morning to bring us home.  Wyatt was much more curious about the baby after a good night sleep.  My three boys :)
 Brothers. Wyatt wanted to hold him like this for the picture.  Already protective.
 Weston in his special "going home" outfit from Papa and Grandma.  Just a little big!
 Such a sweet face :)