Thursday, July 9, 2009

Father's Day

Since we moved in with my parents, every time we've gone fishing, my dad says "oh, that'll be fun." Okay, we got the hint, but it never worked out for him to come. So for his Father's Day present, we got him a fishing license and took him float tubing. He's not very experienced. I can remember us kids getting him a fishing pole for Father's Day when I was like 6, and that day we went to fish. I don't think we caught anything and he's never gone since. So we left the house at 7:00am (yes, I had to wake up at 6:30 to go FISHING! Like fishing, love my sleep, adore my Daddy) and drove up to Silver Flatts up above Tibble Fork. Happy to say it was nice weather, and beautiful, don't you think?

I took lots of pictures, but didn't take the time to download yet another picture of Adam and I in float tubes :) So I put one of my Dad, caught the first fish! Here he is pulling his first fish our of the water to examine it
We had tons of fun, but the boys caught fish and I didn't :( I finally got one, and it got off before I pulled it in all of the way! The one that got away....

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