Thursday, August 4, 2011

Ten Months Old

July has gone by in the blink of an eye! We've been busy busy.

Wyatt and I went with Amber and Paisley to Daybreak Lake. They loved playing in the sand and the water. They are best buddies! Paisley calls him by name as soon as she sees him. Oh, and calls Adam, "My Pete" since he goes by Pete to most of his friends :) So cute.

On July 23, we went to Scipio for the annual rodeo. Uncle Brant came with us to go shootin' with Daddy, but Wyatt liked him best when he shared his snow cone with him :) We had to leave early, but the rodeo wasn't very good this year and we had a very tired baby, so it was okay.

It's been full blown softball season around here, and Uncle Brant is on the Monday night team this year. Wyatt and I go to as many of Daddy's games as we can (unless they conflict with bedtime!) The Blind Expressions team (Mondays) has done really well this season as usual, but this year Daddy and Kevin joined another team on Wednesdays...they're not very good. I think that team has won 2 games all season? Ha! Daddy's been playing 2nd base on Monday's, which is a fun change from the usual 1st base.

This picture is a little blurry, but it's so Wyatt. He LOVES to eat anything and this was his first chocolate chip cookie. Think he's a fan?

My whole family (minus Steve) came into town for Pioneers Day. We had so much fun spending time with cousins and family. We went camping over night and Chantel's kids loved it. Wyatt especially loved seeing Grandma more often the usual. He's happier with her then anyone besides Adam and I. Maybe because I take after my mom? Grandma loves holding and playing with Wyatt and was making him laugh and smile while playing with McKayla's Pooh Bear.
I like to post videos so I can remember how we acted and the funny things he does. He's starting to laugh at everythng, or nothing at all. And his laugh is getting bigger and bigger

*Wyatt's new favorite food is strawberries. He will pass up on hot dogs AND string cheese to eat some fresh strawberries! But I think they're still second place to ice cream :)

*Wyatt falls over a lot recently. He sits on the floor and tries to reach things that are out of reach, therefore tipping over. A lot of the time, as he's falling, he rolls on his tummy to avoid "getting hurt." He gets so mad, but we're trying to make him figure out how to get out of the situation rather then just fixing it for him.

*He seems to be going through another growth spurt. And as of today, he has three teeth!

*Wyatt likes to roll his trucks back and forth and make "vroom" sounds. It's his favorite toy by far, and it's about the cutest thing I've ever seen.

*Nicknames: Scooter, Buddy, Dooder, Baby Boy

Wyatt, you're getting so so so big! Can't believe your birthday is coming up so soon. We love you more each day and you hold our family even closer together.