Monday, July 27, 2009

Scipio Rodeo 2009

It was time for the Scipio fast. Not that I hate it, I actually like searching for treasures at the antique store, watching the rodeo, and going up to the Grove in the mountains. The part I don't like is tall, leather boots, long jeans, and 98 degree weather! Hot hot hot! Plus Adam always asks that I wear my hair down...ha! But I always do, because you can't say no when your husband occasionally requests for you to get dolled up. He deals with enough ponytails every day. This year was much the same, with a few changes. Kevin came with us, so I sat in the back seat on the drive to and from Scipio. Not bad, considering that Kev got to keep Pete awake and I got to take a nap on the way home (and on the way there... :) ). We stopped at Chadder's on the way down (it's tradition now!) and got squeeky cheese at the gas station in Scipio (there are three now in Scipio! Can you believe it? Scipio's stepping up in the world!). Then we went for our usual stop at the antique store, and left empty handed! Of course, now that I have a house to put cool antiques in, I can't find a thing! Then off to the Grove we went, breaking out in a sweat in the 30 seconds between the car and stores. Luckily, it was nice and cool up there, so we stayed and the boys fished (I decided to dip my hot feet in the stream instead of fishing. Man it was cold!).

Here's Pete on the left and Kevin on the right. I'm sitting on this cute little bridge, dipping my feet. They searched the stream to find some fish and found around ten in this little spot! It's true, I saw them. The guys got so frustrated because the fish were two feet from them and weren't biting their worms!

So Pete gave up the fishing pole and attempted to catch one with his hands! He tried for 30 minutes, getting "so close!" a few times. He walked down stream to try a different spot, and just a few minutes later caught one! I had my camera ready, but he started running so fast over, the camera couldn't refocus on him in time. He was so proud of himself! I married myself a manly man!

And here we are just getting to the rodeo. I always make Adam take a picture together at the beginning, so I'm guaranteed a pic with some natural light. I love this picture. I haven't been able to take a good picture in 18 months, I always look sick or retarded! So this one is going up, somewhere, just to prove after almost two years of marriage, I can still look good!

Hope everyone had a good Pioneer's Day weekend, even if you're not in Utah!

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kevin told me pete caught a fish with his hands... crazy kid! gotta love it~