Monday, September 28, 2009

2 already?

Yep, today is our two year anniversary! Can hardly believe it's already here and what we've gone through together to get here (the good and the bad). In two years, we've bost lost our jobs, both gotten new jobs, went on two cruises, lived in three places (including the parents house), bought our first house, bought four new pair of boots, gone to 6 rodeos, never have thrown up (love that), and have gained a combined 50 lbs! (wish it was just him that had added the pounds)
These have been the best years of my life and I can't wait to see what the future holds for us. It doesn't seem like it can get better then this, but I've said that before, so I can't wait to see what IS better then this :) Love you sweetheart to the moon! Thanks for choosing me :)

Oh, heck, we've gained some weight, but we still look good!

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Cruise 2009

We're back! I'm going to make this post as short as possible...really...I will...well, I'll try. We flew into Orlando on Friday. After lots of drama and not being able to pick up the rental car (don't even ask!) we took a taxi ($40!!!! No kidding, for 13 miles!) to our hotel. Brand new, so chic, and the beds were even comfy! We totally scored with that one. Went to TGIFridays (cause it was in the parking lot. No car, remember?) and hung out at our hotel until Chris and Caytlin came around 1:00 am with the rental car. Yeah, don't ask. Slept, woke up, and had a complimentary breakfast of belgin waffles :) Then we were off to Cape Canaveral. Here we are in the back seat, trying to enjoy the 45 minute drive and get overly impatient about the cruise. Dropped off the car and got on the ship. Luckily, since we were running late (is the car rental return by the McDonalds or Wendys???) we zoomed through the check in and were on the ship in no time! Here's were all of the action happens on the days at sea. See how fast I'm going through this? On Saturday and Sunday, we were just at sea, traveling to Mexico. On Sunday was a formal night, so I felt better that at least we were DRESSED for Sunday at least for an hour or so. We impatiently wait for our dinner to come. It was always so yummy. And after dinner. The sunset was amazing, but it sure was hot and humid outside. Plus I felt about 20 lbs heavier because, yes, you guessed it, I ate too much :)
First port, Cozumel Mexico! Our absolute favorite this cruise. We spent the morning shopping (only paying a couple bucks for a cute necklace is fine by me!) and Adam was almost giddy, getting to talk Spanish with the locals. They thought he was the coolest. And from what Adam tells me, they all seemed to really like my butt too! Walking down the street along the beach shopping. They paint the trees to keep bugs away, I guess.
After shopping, Caytlin was in desperate need of A/C and we were in desperate need of some food. So Adam asked around where we could find A/C AND good food for cheap, and they led us to this resturant. Their A/C was really just shade and ceiling fans, but we both loved it. I got Chile Relleno (good but different) and Pete got steak fajitas. Yummy!
After lunch, we took a taxi and Adam asked where we could go to a nice, free beach. After a 10 minute drive, our driver took us to a resort beach, which you'd normally have to pay for, but they just let us in :) Here are the boys snorkeling. Adam saw some black and white striped fish, a crab, and a barracuda!
Next stop, Belize! It was very pretty. We had to take tenders from our ship to the port, where we were supposed to meet our bus for the Cave Tubing Adventure we had signed up for. The river was too high, so it was closed and we got talked into going on an ATV Adventure instead. Kinda lame, it turned out, but we only had to pay what it was worth. Here we all are after getting off the 4-wheelers. It was so muddy, but since it had just rained so much, it was really more like muddy water then mud. You can't tell very well, but our legs are covered!
After we got back in town, Pete saw the fresh coconut stands and had to get one. I thought it was way gross! Not at all sweet like I thought. The pic is blurry cause our camera contastly fogged up from the humidity.
You still with me? We're half way done :) Hang in there! Next stop was Costa Maya Mexico! Here, Caytlin and Chris did there own thing and went to the Mayan ruins, while we preferred to hang out at the beach and town. We're walking down this LONG dock, and start to see fish in the water along the side.
As I'm walking and looking (never a good idea next to a ledge!) I see this big thing moving. Swimmer, no way. Holy cow, it's a sea turtle! It swam under the pier and out the other side, before I could get this picture. It was so cool!

We took a taxi to a town down the beach and went shopping. Love it. Of course, Mexican Coke in hand.
We chilled on the beach, and since the snorkeling was no good, we decided to get a massage instead. Oh yeah! $15 per person for 45 minutes. Full body massage, with oil, on the beach. Oh yeah! I loved having a Spanish speaking negotiating machine with me at all times :)

Since we had lots of time and were having fun just being in Mexico, we decided to walk back to the port, rather then take a taxi. Yeah, thought that was a good idea. This is us still smiling, cause we still have water in our packs. Here we are, walking our path.

We kept walking and walking, thinking we'd have to get there eventually, but it took a LONG time and it was HOT and we ran out of WATER! Finally, we got to the shops around the port, but a chain link fence with BARBED WIRE kept us from going inside. Luckily there were some Mexicans on the other side.....who couldn't speak English. Oh wait, that's no problem! Adam speaks Spanish! Well, they told us that unfortunately, there was no way to get in, or climb over, so we'd have to go all the way back! What? No way was I going to do that! So after almost giving up (me, not Adam) we decided to follow the fence and saw some things leaned up against the fence on both sides that might help us get over. So after CAREFULLY climbing over the barbed wire fence (yeah, I'm not even kiddin') all we had to do is sneek in with the crowd without being seen. Man, now I know how illegal immigrants must feel, cause all we were trying to do was get across the "border" without getting caught and sent back! Such an adreniline rush, but not a good one, let me tell you! We shopped for a bit longer, and Pete finally bought some Turtle boots he had been torn over since Cozumel.
Next day, Fun at Sea! Here's us on the lobby stairs after another formal night. It was too dark outside to take more pictures on the deck, and we were SO done with "stuffy" clothes.
So, what do you do when you're stuck on a big boat, for a whole day, without drinking or gambling? Not much! We decided to play volleyball but it was too windy. How about mini golf? Such a great idea, except we're on a moving boat and the wind is blowing the balls around!
Well, how about some BINGO?!? We were SO close to winning! We even shouted BINGO, but the announcer laughed and said she hadn't finished the number. Well, just don't drag out O73 when we need O70!
Maybe try making silly faces at the camera to entertain ourselves? Darn foogy lense!
Well, fortunately, we only had to endure that for one day! Next, Nassau Bahamas. They had a gazillion stores downtown, but they're all diamonds, handbags, and expensive stores like Gucci. Who buys that stuff? So, we trekked to the beach. And man, was it a journey. We're almost there, finally!
After playing on the beach for a bit, we decided to start walking back, but more leisurely this time. We were beached right next to the Atlantis Resort on Paradise Island, so rather then walking ALL THE WAY AROUND the resort, we decided to take a short cut THROUGH the resort. Smart us, right? Yeah, we thought so, until we were half way through and had to turn back because we weren't "staying at the resort". How snobby! But it was beautiful! See the arch above the right side of my head by the palm tree? The arch connects the two towers and is actually a Suite that is $25,000 a night, four night minimum! Can you imagine!
Took the ferry back to the main island and shopped until we got on the boat. We got a really cool painting and I bought a super cute necklace, made from fish scales! No kidding, it's so cute AND freaking awesome!
Next morning, we woke up to yucky, old Florida. Not that the Sunshine State is all that awful, but when comparing it to the waters of the Caribbean, it's hard not to be disappointed.
To fill in the time after we HAD to be off of the ship and before we needed to be at the airport, we decided to go to the temple. Such a good way to finish a vacation together, except that I didn't have my recommend with me. Luckily, after lots of attempts, I got a hold of the bishop and he hooked me up! Orlando Temple.
Okay, time to wake up now! I'm sure ya'll fell asleep during that SUPER LONG post, but some people (like me!) like details. Hope you enjoyed our vacation with us!

Tuesday, September 1, 2009


Ho-ly cow! I can't believe it's been a whole MONTH since my last post! That's not like me, that kinda stretch is for people who don't have any time to post anything! Oh wait... that IS me! No time at home, no time on the weekends, and especially not even a second at work. Yeah, life is so busy right now! No time to breathe, which is PERFECT timing for a little vacation! No, not just a little vacation, THE vacation! Sad, isn't it, that we have no kids yet the last time we went on a real getaway (camping not included) was January 2008! Our last cruise. Yeah, I'm not even kidding. So... (dramatic pause for effect)... we're going on another cruise! Yeppers, we leave Friday for Florida and our cruise departs on Wednesday (we learned from our last experience that it's worth going a day early)! Wait, Wednesday? Wow, I'm mixing up the days, that's bad. (I would have totally just gone back and fixed my mistake, but before I stopped to read it, I eas too lazy to fix it, so I just explained. Does that make since to you? Me neither...) We actually leave Saturday, make more since? Okay. This go around, we're headed to the Western Caribbean :) Mexico, here we come! And now I have a trusty interpretur to get me the best shopping deals. Wahoo! Since life is so crazy, I'm devoting today to be my day to actually think about the cruise and take time to get EXCITED about it! And you get to come along for the ride! Here's some pics from the last one. This time around, we're both a little more pale and a little heavier :)
Here's Pete in front of the ship, at St. Maarten, if I remember. Yeah, he looks tan because he was :) Last time, he took the time to go tanning before. This time? Not so much. Hope he doesn't get too burnt!

Here we are, after "formal dinner night" at the club, waiting for the hypnotist show. It was so funny! We were going to pee our pants, we were laughing so hard! See that drink? Yeah, you pay $20 bucks, I think, at the beginning your cruise and you get unlimited soda and drinks. And they'll bring it right to you whenever you want! They just come up and ask what you want, so you don't even have to walk to the drink bar to ask for a drink! Luxury....

And Magens Bay. So pretty, stressful for a bit, but so pretty. I hate that this picture has a pink blob in it, cause I really like it a lot. Oh, and the camel backs were a lifesaver! They'll be coming with us this time around as well.

Thanks for reminesing(?) with me! I'll tell you how this one goes when we get back!