Friday, June 17, 2011

What's up

A lot has happened lately, so I thought I'd update the ol' blog BEFORE Wyatt's 9-month date.

Rodeo season has finally arrived! First up, Herriman Rodeo. It was really nice outside... until the sun set. Burrr! Never been cold during a rodeo before!
Here's my little stud-muffin and me.

We went with Kevin and Amber, and of course Paisley!

Wyatt and Paisley are becoming best buddies and they were both dressed to the nines for the rodeo. Pais looks so cute in the boots we got her for her first birthday! They both were very distracted by the animals, especially the sheep!

Gotta love the belt buckles! New family tradition.

The next weekend we went up to Bear Lake for a Peterson weekend getaway. Grandma Peterson had to "supervise" Wyatt's cousin Avery. She LOVED him and always wanted to hold or touch him.

Wyatt didn't know what to think of the toy merry-go-round. Daddy even let go! Yikes! Playing after dinner where we got the Old Ephraim.

We went on a tour of the Minnetonka caves about 30 minutes outside of Bear Lake. It is a constant 41 degrees in the cave year round. Burr! And the dripping from the ceiling didn't help warm things up either.

Wyatt's nose was cold and red :) Posing inside the cave

I had a much needed "girls night" with my old high school girlfriends. It's been a long time since I've seen them all, and it was so fun. Wyatt was ready to go home after 10:00 passed and I didn't realize it was so late!

Wyatt got his first haircut! I know, at 8 months old! But it's really straight and was starting to get too long that we couldn't style it easily anymore.

Before: (kinda out of control)

And about an hour later: (yeah, it does take that long on him!)

So handsome, looks just like daddy's!!! And so much better.

See you in a week for Wyatt's update!