Sunday, December 2, 2012

Here He Is!

 Let's try and make this as short and sweet as possible :)

I kept having really strong contractions from 36 weeks along, but they always went away before they got to 5 minutes apart. So at my 38 week appointment, when the doctor told me I was 5 cm and fully effaced, but no regular contractions, I knew I had to do SOMETHING to get the baby out! So once I started having regular contractions at Adam's softball game that night, as soon as we got home really late, I took the dog on a walk to *hopefully* get this labor started. After I got home, my contractions were strong and 5 minutes apart for an hour, I gave my mom the call to come over at 1:00am to watch Wyatt and we headed to the hospital.  They admitted me right away. Unfortunately, after a few hours of relaxing on the hospital bed, my contractions died down to almost nothing!

Sleep was hopeless. But I had dilated 1/2cm, so the nurse had mercy on me and let me stay. They started me on Pitocin and at 7:00am, Dr. Twelves came in to break my water.  Started pushing around 10:00am and after 10 minutes, Weston was here!
 6 lbs 15 oz and 19" long. Ten fingers, ten toes. Perfect.

 Daddy is always a mess :)
 Grandpa and Grandpa Peterson came to visit once we were settled in our new room.
 Once he had eaten a few times, he finally got his first bath from Mommy.  He LOVED the water on his head.
 Papa and Grandma came later in the day.
Since my mom was watching Wyatt while I was in the hospital, Big Brother got to meet the new addition. At first he wasn't so sure about this baby.  He was really stiff and confused, and didn't want to hold the baby for very long.  Grandma and Papa were MUCH more fun!
 The last night I stayed at the hospital, Daddy had Wyatt since my mom had to go back to work. I sure missed my big boys until they came that morning to bring us home.  Wyatt was much more curious about the baby after a good night sleep.  My three boys :)
 Brothers. Wyatt wanted to hold him like this for the picture.  Already protective.
 Weston in his special "going home" outfit from Papa and Grandma.  Just a little big!
 Such a sweet face :)

Monday, November 12, 2012

The Rest of the Summer

We had so much fun playing outside this summer.  Wyatt loved to play in the dirt and water in the backyard, and always enjoyed getting into the tomato plants.  This kid LOVES tomatoes, especially home-grown tomatoes.
 I forgot to post about Scipio!  We had our bi-annual trek to Scipio, this time for the rodeo.  This was the first time that Wyatt REALLY got to enjoy Scipio, with all of the space to run around and animals to see.  Wyatt loves animals and animal sounds. He used to only know a few animal names, and the ones he couldn't get, he would just make the sounds instead.  Now he knows all of the farm animal names and sounds and enjoys pointing them out and saying "Birdie says Tweet Tweet".

 Wyatt liked the rodeo too, but especially loved the snow cones.  His lips were blue before the rodeo even began. Adam loved to have his little boy enjoy Scipio as much as he does, and we can't wait to bring them every year and let them enjoy the small town feel, if only for a day.
 Since I haven't felt like doing much, with such a hot summer and being pregnant with Weston, we went on lots of car rides, especially up the canyons were the air was cool (our AC broke in our car this summer and we never got around to fixing it!).  This is up Butterfield Canyon, just when the colors REALLY started to pop.  I love it up there, and it's so close to home, so it's one of our favorite places to drive on Sunday evenings.
 Wyatt's birthday was really mellow this year, since we were expecting a baby any day.  So for his birthday, Daddy and Mommy took Wyatt around for a fun day and the next day (Sunday) we had all of our family over for dinner and cake.  This is the only pictures we got.  Hey, Adam didn't want to help Wyatt open presents and I was too tired to take pictures AND be the hostess.  Plus, who would want to be 9 months pregnant and posing in pictures?
 (I went into labor the day after this pic was taken,so stay tuned for Weston's b-day post!)

We really did have a good summer, but sure can't wait for next year when I won't be pregnant and we can enjoy it all together!

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Busy Fun Summer

 We've had a fun summer so far.  It's been SO hot, especially for this pregnant mama, but we're trying to have lots of fun together before the new baby comes and summer ends.

We went to the Extreme Motocross Race right here in Herriman.  It was chilly, since I storm had just blown through, but it was so fun.  Wyatt LOVED watching all of the dirt bikes drive by.  It was crazy what those guys could do!

 Wyatt LOVES to play in the water, so we got an inflatable pool to play with the water in the backyard.  Filling up cups with water and dumping them out is one of his favorite pastimes. This day was hot and we had Paisley over to join in on the fun.  
 Though it was really hot outside, PJ was not too keen on getting wet in the pool.  She prefered to play with the water OUTSIDE of the pool.

Wyatt loves to "cook" in the kitchen with Mom.  He has a drawer in the kitchen with all of his kitchen pots, pans, and spoons which he pulls out daily, and usually pulls out some of Mommy's spatulas and ladles (though there is a baby lock on that drawer, he can fit his skinny arm through the gap!)  On this day, I was cleaning the house and kitchen floors, so I moved the stools off the tile and his toys onto the carpet so I could clean.  After I had finished vacuuming and went for the mop, Wyatt had set up a little "prep area" and was making some food, including lots of "mmmm" and "hot!" sounds :) 
 We didn't do much for the 4th of July, but we did do some fireworks in the street.  Our neighbors put on quite the show, so we just had some little fountains and sparklers.  The Smiths joined us for a little while
 Wyatt loves to put on hats.  Especially Daddy's.  He is really good about wearing his baseball cap when we're outside too, which is a relief since he has such light skin and hair.  He put this waste basket that I had just emptied (it's from my sewing stuff, so no yucky germs, just fabric and thread go in there!), and he thought he was SO funny!  When he knows something is funny, or Mommy and Daddy are laughing at him, he likes to say "so silly!" and "funny!" while he does a cheesy laugh :)
 One of the things we love most about Herriman is all of the parks and splash parks around.  This splash park is just around the corner from our house, so we've made a few trips there this summer.  Wyatt loves to go there and play play play.  We always take a cup so he can fill it up and dump it out :) The water is always really cold, and although we always go when it's 90+ degrees outside, he will run back to wherever I am, shivering cold, shouting "cold!" and snuggle in his towel until he can't stand to sit still anymore. Then he's back up and in the action again!
 There is still more summer to come (no back-to-school for us!) so we'll be sure to share more of our adventures that are yet to come!

PS, Wyatt is talking so much these days.  He picks up on words so easily and surprises me each day with the things he's picking up.  New words this week: rain, Tank, sad, foot, PeePee, Caillou.  Wyatt started calling me Mommy this week too.  He's always called me Mama or Ma, but now prefers Mommy most of the time. He's starting to pronounce d's REALLY strongly now, like when he says Outside now, it sounds more like OutsiDA.  He says funny things all of the time, too, like "Oh Poop!" when he needs his diaper changed, "Oh no! Where'd it go?" when he's looking for something, and he still will say "Hey Babe?" to  Daddy to get his attention :) He has started doing "chores" around the house and is really excited to help.  He is good at cleaning up his toys, helps me feed Brody, and helps unload the dishwasher.  He's been really sucked into the TV lately and likes to ask for a "show" most of the day.  He also loves to play on his "phone" (iTouch) and has learned unlock it and how to use it, which is why I don't let him play on my phone anymore :)  He is really interested in babies lately, so I'm excited to see him interact with Weston when he comes.  He's very gentle with babies, so I'm not too worried.

Thursday, May 31, 2012

Update Post

 Update post:
Man, this one might just kill you to get through, but I have a VERY good excuse! Babies are really difficult to grow, and that has been my focus for the past few months (well, that and trying to keep my eyes open and my food down!) So I'm going to try and update you on what's been happening around here lately, and then later do a Wyatt update post, since he has really changed a lot in the past 6 months.

This winter seemed like it came with a lot of sick days for Wyatt.  Nothing major, just a little throw up here, coughs, and lots of runny nose wiping! Here's Wyatt right after a bath brought on by sudden throwing up.  Since I wasn't feeling good in the mornings a lot, we spent quite a lot of time in this corner of the couch, watching TV and drinking juice/milk.

The three of us went to our first hockey game and had tons of fun.  Wyatt didn't take a good nap that day, so we worried he'd be a mess, but he just sat on Daddy's lap most of the time and watched the game.  And he liked to smile at the people behind us because they were sharing their popcorn with him, until I got him his own bucket.


Scipio was really fun this Easter.  The weather was nice and Wyatt loved to walk around and explore.  (Just a note for me to remember: We DIDN'T sleep at all in Scipio.  Wyatt slept fine until we all went to bed, then woke up, got in bed with us and fell back asleep, but this boy is a wiggler, so we didn't fall back asleep.  When I tried to move to the back room with him so daddy could sleep, he would go back to bed, so Daddy took him for a long ride so I could sleep a few hours and Adam slept an hour in the car.  I'm surprised we could even function the next day.  On the way home, we drove separately from Orem to our house and we were both so tired that we called each other to talk to keep ourselves awake!)

Wyatt LOVED throwing rocks in the creek with Daddy. And Daddy loves to do boy things in Scipio, ESPECIALLY with this little guy.


On Easter, we dyed lots of Easter Eggs.  Wyatt liked to get the eggs out, but it was tricky, so after sticking his hand in the dye a few times, we put him in his chair next to us, with his own mug of water and a plastic eggs, and let him go to town   
Wyatt has finally gained an interest in TV.  He doesn't watch it straight through, by any means, but he does like to sit in the mornings and drink some milk and watch Caillou while Mommy tries to get some breakfast down. 
After a smooth first trimester, we finally let everyone know that we are pregnant with baby #2. Since this is so late, we know now that we're having another little boy and everything is still going smoothly.  We're having our ultrasound soon, so cross your fingers everything looks perfect and we don't have any scares again.
Wyatt got these sand tools for Easter and he loves love loves to dig in the dirt.  It keeps him distracted so I can get some yard work done.  The clean up I have to do behind him is well worth the distraction time. 
The Day cousins came for a visit, and though I thought I took some pictures, this is the only one I found.  My parents took all of the grandkids (minus Sam who's in New Orleans) to the aquarium and said he loved to watch the fish with Grandma.  She's one of his most favorite people in the whole world!
For work, Daddy had the firemen come to his office and "water test" one of the new lights they were producing.  Which meant they strapped the big light down and the boys had fun seeing how strong they could spray the light before the glass finally broke.  Since they were making a special trip to the office, I took Wyatt and his buddy, Paisley, to go check it out.  Wyatt LOVED the firetruck, Paisley was nervous around it.
Mommy got a nice camera for her birthday/Mother's Day, so we played around taking pics outside, which is Wyatt's favorite placed to be!  Daddy is playing softball this spring with his usual team.  We love hanging out with Paisley and watch their dads hit and throw the ball  

We didn't have any plans for Memorial Weekend, or the weather made us change them, but we wanted to do something fun.  On Saturday, we went to Cabelas and drove through AF Canyon.  We took every detour possible, so it was a LONG drive.  It was snowing on top, so the combo of fresh white and spring green was too hard to resist.

Since we were driving like 4 hours, and Wyatt only slept for 20 minutes, we all got antsy and decided to get out and walk in Provo Canyon by the river.

Sunday was a stay at home day (Wyatt wouldn't take a nap either), with a small trip to Grandma and Grandpa Peterson's house for a visit.  Wyatt had his first accident (besides his skull fracture) walking home from church with Daddy.  Walking/running downhill on the sidewalk is always tricky with new shoes.  I took this picture when he passed out on the way to Grandmas to remember his ouchy and because he managed to sleep AND keep his sippy cup in his mouth :)

Monday was so nice, we had to get outside.  We went to Thanksgiving Point to walk around the gardens and go to the animal farm.  Wyatt crashed in the car right before we got there (day 3 of no nap!) so he was sleepy at first, but loved the animals once he woke up a bit.

So that's it! Hope you survived.  Next, hopefully this week, will be a journal update on Wyatt, so we can remember the funny things he's doing and saying.