Wednesday, November 26, 2008


As you can imagine, the game wasn't so fun to watch. But Amber and Kevin came over to watch it with us and that was so fun. Amber taught us this "game" to play with pictures, so I thought I'd post them too. There are none of me, cause I really couldn't do it.

Salmon for the girls, brauts for the guys.

Kev's not bad, but just wait...

Now Amber, she just looks cute trying :)
This is what most of Amber's attempts turn out. It was hard not to laugh!

Pete was definitely the best. Big mouth, what can I say?
Can't help but laugh!

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Amber and Kevin Smith said...

You didnt post one of yourself because you just wanted to make all of us look like idiots. All because you were mad that the UTES won, i guess it was just your way of trying to get us back for your teams horrible loss.. good luck....

from Kevin