Monday, November 17, 2008

New Project?

I want to experiment on something new. Adam is always doing side jobs to make extra money and I want to! So, I want to start a blog with posts on everything from homemade facials to cute new crafts. We're going to start building projects and selling them on KSL, from cute frames to shelves, and Pete wants to eventually make a bed to sell! Any ideas? If you have ever wanted something custom made (baby bows, wall frames, bath soaps, whatever!) let me know! At this point, I just need ideas of what to do. So many women are doing the same things (baby bows and tutus) and as cute as they are, I want to do something different. So leave me any ideas you might have, ANY! Thanks guys :)


Amber and Kevin Smith said...

Thats a good plan, I will tell you if I think of any ideas. I tagged you!! Go to my blog and read the rules.



I come home Dec. 11 through the new year... I can't wait and I cait wait to come visit AVI I miss everyone a ton. I hear lots has changed since I've left. Paul comes home Dec. 20th after finals so we'll have to play lots!!!