Monday, December 8, 2008

Trey's Blessing

This past weekend, we headed down to St. George to go to Trey's blessing (Eric and Brittany Jensen's baby). It was such nice weather and we definitely enjoyed the small break from the cold! We love hanging out with Britt and Eric and we LOVED going to Dogfather's :) Yum!
Here's Pete with Trey on his blessing day. Isn't he just a natural? Going to be such a great dad!

This little doll is Parx. She got to come over to play with Katie and Chris a few times while we were there. We love Chris and Katie, they're so fun, but we instantly fell in love with Parx. So cute and sweet :)

After sleeping on an air mattress and staying up all night, I took a little nap. Britt luckily lent me her new little guy to get my "baby fix" so we both fell asleep on the couch while Britt hurried to clean up a little before everyone came over for the blessing. Such a cuddler!


Grammy and Papa said...

It was so fun to be with you guys! We wish we could all be there together more often. Loved the biscuits and gravy!! Yum, yum!! Next time we'll have lots of energy drinks, games and the midnight run to get tacos!! Take Care, so good to see you again!!

The Jensen's said...

I love that you got Trey's blessing pics up before I did! Ha ha.. Thanks so much coming down to support us! You guys are the best friendys ever!!

Nicole said...

Cute pictures. I can't wait until I see pictures of you guys with a kiddo of your own! pressure though!

Katie said...

SO CUTE! I was so suprised to see my little girl on your blog. I love any chance to show off how beutiful she is :) We are going to have our hands full with her.

You guys are awesome! we are so glad to have you as friends. You both are going to be amazing parents some day!! so much love.

The Erbe's