Friday, November 21, 2008


The big game is almost here. Never before have the ties of marriage been tested like they will be this year :) Our first rivelry game married, I was able to go to the game with my dad to see the Utes slaughtered, while Adam watched it with his family. This year I'm not so lucky. With the game up at Rice Eccles, that leaves me and Pete, both at home, watching the game TOGETHER!!! Yikes, this will be interesting. I hope Pete can take the embarrassment of losing when the Cougars come out with the victory! By the way, everyone is invited to our house to watch it high-def on our new plasma. Especially BYU fans since I will be the only one of the group cheering on the Cougs tommorrow! We'll see who comes out on top. But Utes, beware. You might be doing really well, but watch out for the last quarter when the Cougar fans get on their knees and get ANOTHER miracle :)
So Rise and shout the COUGARS are out along the trail to fame and glory!
Rise and Shout our cheers will ring out as we unfold our victory story!
On we go to vanquish the foe for Alma Mater's sons and daughters!
As we join in song in praise of you, our faith is strong!
We'll raise our colors high in the blue and cheer our Cougars of BYU!!!


Caytlin said...


Grammy and Papa said...

Hayley, you and Cody are about the only BYU fans. He loves your entry and especially the photo at the end. The cougars have always been effective at breaking hearts with their last second heroics! See you guys down south in a couple of weeks. We can't wait!! Bye, bye BCS!! May the best team win!!


good luck Hayley... be of luck for you and your sucky cougs:) GO UTES!!! I wish we were there to be with you all that will be so fun!

Grammy and Papa said...

Too bad Hayley, sorry about the loss. When did Hall start playing for the Utes? Dang it!

Chantel said...

Still can't believe you married a Utes fan. Luckily he has a lot of good qualities to compensate for that one HUGE flaw.