Tuesday, September 9, 2008


Kade and Tara Nichols invited Adam and I to go to the Ute game on Sept. 5. Being the MAJOR BYU fan that I am, I was hesitant, but relented when Adam looked so excited to go. We went to TGIF before and everything seemed to be fun and going well. We got to the game a few minutes late, but once we got to our seats, it was perfect. Until.... a freshman a few rows in front of us puked all of his overabundance of beer on the rows in front of him and a few unsuspecting people. For the next half an hour, our view of the game was first blocked by their mother trying to clean off her kids, then another mom using some baby wipes to wipe their benches off, followed (finally!) by some poor junitors who wiped it up as best as they could. It was nasty! The smell of beer, not to metion vomit, was so overwhelming, I thought I would be sick! The rest of the game was good, with occasional rude comments made towards the Cougars. So much for a great first experience as a "Ute" fan. I don't think I'll do it again any time soon :)

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