Wednesday, August 20, 2008

New Bed

So... since before we were married, Adam has talked about building a bed for us out of antique doors. I was all game for it (way cheaper than buying one) so we bought two doors from Scipio (where else?) last year and stripped the paint off right away. Well, those doors sat in his mom's garage for A YEAR but we finally decided to make it cheap and paint it instead of getting expensive wood for it. So it's finally done! The bed we've been talking about forever! I'll put up some pics as soon as I can, but Adam is doing our side tables and I'm making our quilt and pillows, so I might wait til it's all done. It's so huge, it barely fits in our tiny room :) Big, just like us!



post some pics of your bed, I can't wait to see it! I bet it looks awesome. Give AVI hugs from me:)PS our temple pic and frame look great!! I love them both, the first thing I get to see when I come down the stairs. THanks again. we miss you guys

Nicole said...

You guys are so cute and creative! Bella is asleep at this very moment and cuddling with the blanket you made her. I'm sure your quilt will be just as fabulous! Love you!