Tuesday, September 30, 2008

One Year Down....

For our first anniversary, we stayed at Snowbird for a quick weekend getaway. It was so beautiful in the canyon, the leaf colors were at their peak. We stayed at the Lodge at Snowbird and did all of the activities that Snowbird offers. Plus, it was Octoberfest, so there was polka music playing and LOTS of beer! We had a great time. Here are some pictures we took (I forgot to grab to memory card to our brand new camera, so we could only take a few... Ooops).

This first picture we took at Mimi's Cafe. It was so good. We decided to eat out on Friday and cook dinner on Saturday.

Here we are going on the ski lift at Snowbird. It was so pretty and nice, just got a little chilly towards to top of the mountain. It was so nice and relaxing. I was freaked out that Adam would drop the camera from the ski lift (after our proposal experience has taught me not to trust his grip on important things :)) so I made him give me the camera to take the picture!

This is at the top of the mountain. It was pretty windy, and Adam was freezing in shorts. I told him to change, but he didn't listen! The view was fantastic.

At Snowbird, there is a tunnel that takes you through the mountain from the ski lift so you can ski on the back side of the mountain. Adam thought it was so cool, like a little boy :) It was freezing in there, but fun.

We went on the alpine slide. It reminded me of the night Adam proposed. That was the only other time I had gone on the alpine slide :) Adam was going so fast that by the time the camera took the picture, he was almost out of it!

Here's me on the zip line. Adam took this picture over his shoulder as he was going down too. I still can't believe he actually got me in the picture. He's got skills.

The tramp takes you to the peak of the mountain. Here we are at the top. Just behind our heads you could see Heber! What a view!

Now, this picture was an adventure. After we check out of our hotel on Sunday, we went for a drive up the canyon the rest of the way. Adam remembered a short hike to Cecret Lake (yes, that is how it's spelled) so we decided to hike it. It was really easy and only half a mile. It was perfect weather so we stopped at the lake to look for salamanders before heading back down. As I looked in the water, there was a flash in the water followed by the loudest BOOM. Adam said, "Did you see how close that was?!?" It started to sprinkle lightly, but we didn't want to leave yet because we had just gotten there. Two seconds later after another FLASH and BOOM, we decided it might be best to start hiking back down. As soon as we left the lake, the rain got heavier and turned into hail! I swear the temperture dropped 20 degrees in two mintues, and we started running down laughing, getting soaked by the rain and then pelted by the hail! It was freezing, our pants and shoes where soaked and muddy, and we got so wet. Rivers were created where they were dry on our way up. It hailed an inch, almost two, in some places. This picture was when the hail first started, so we are only slightly wet. By the time we got to the car, our shirts were soaked halfway down and my hair was dripping wet! It was an experience we will never forget!


Adam and Hayley Peterson said...

Don't know why the spacing it weird on this post.... I checked it like 5 times!

The Jensen's said...

Sounds like you guys had a blast! Now that your "one year down" expect everyone and there dog to start asking you when you guys are going to have kids!! Ha ha.. Miss you terribly!

Adam and Hayley Peterson said...

Whatever! People have been asking when we're having kids for six months! I think our parents are finally wondering and getting impatient. I bet Karen and Vance hope we're trying, but not yet!

Amber and Kevin Smith said...
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Amber and Kevin Smith said...

Hey, you got some cute pictures. It looks like you had a good time. We need to hang out more!


yahoo!! one year! so fun.. i miss you guys! looks like you had lots of fun, we miss the mountains