Monday, October 3, 2011

Wyatt's First Birthday Party!

Wow, my baby is one. Unbelieveable! We had a fun little birthday party with family and closest friends. It was supposed to be camping themed, but with a surprise funeral that afternoon, a lot of the decorations were thrown out the door cause we didn't have time to put them up! :)

Let's make this quick, so hopefully I can get through this post without crying :)

We had lots of people over in the backyard, including Wyatt's bestie, Paisley. Kisses!
Yummy yummy food, including burgers, hot dogs, dirt'n'worms, owl cupcakes, and s'mores! And thanks to everyone who brought something.

LOTS of family came, any one that could be there (ie. not out of state) was there! This is Adam's side of the fam (since mine was "segregated" on the other side of the patio. Why do families do that?)

Special b-day cake I made for him. I had to hold it away while we sang "Happy Birthday" because he kept grabbing for the candle :)

This kid takes sweets seriously! He ate quite a bit of the cake, especially the frosting, but he definitely needed a sippy cup of milk after.

Wyatt is so loved, he got so many great gifts! Lots of fun toys and clothes. Took a little incouragement from Mommy to get him to open the presents.

Roasting marshmellos over the fire is the perfect way to finish off this "campout".

Thanks to everyone that came and made this birthday so fun!

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Nichol Family said...

Happy Birthday Wyatt!! So sorry I couldn't make it but Mia had a blast :)