Sunday, July 3, 2011

Not too much to update, since I recently posted about what we've been up to. But this is all about Wyatt!

Scooter got his first tooth! You can see it kind of shining in the picture below. He constantly sticks out his tongue to feel it.
Can't wait until he gets more teeth so he can eat better then just sucking on everything! (just crossing my fingers he doesn't start "biting") His favorite foods are string cheese and hot dogs, but will really eat anything. He loves yogurt, raisins, graham crackers, pretzels, peas, and applesauce just to name a few. He even likes shrimp that we just tried for the first time with fried rice. He's such a good eater, I'm so glad! At his 9 month doctors appointment, he had his blood taken and the doctor said that he's getting enough calories (how his blood can tell you that, I have no idea). It was such a relief that my skinny string bean was thin because of his genes (surprise!) and not because of any other issue.

We went to the Riverton Days carnival with our friends the Smiths and the Broos. Wyatt was really tired (wouldn't take a nap all day!) but he was a trooper.
Paisley loved to go on the kiddie rides. So cute.
Daddy won Wyatt this hammer. He was so strong!

Amber, PJ, Cameron, and Jackson going down the Big Slide. Paisley and Jackson weren't as thrilled going down, but Jackson would never admit it :)

Happy Family!

Wyatt's stats:

18 lbs 4 oz (20%)

30" long (95%)

Still wears 6-9 month clothing

He's not crawling but he pushes up when he's on his tummy. He is starting to mimick us already. If we sneeze or cough, he smiles and coughs back at us. When I make noises putting lotion on him (cause it's cold), he makes the same noises. He knows how to clap his hands and give "high fives". He really likes to read the book "Mr. Brown can Moo" and giggles when I make the animal sounds. His favorites are Moo and Cock-a-doodle-doo! When I get him up from his naps, I like to slowly peek through the door until he sees me. Then he usually gasps and starts kicking and trowing his arms. His favorite is to kick both legs and throw both arms above his head at the same time, over and over, to which he usually laughs at himself. He know reaches his arms out to us, sometimes just to be picked up, but often reaches for Daddy when I hold him or the other way around. He says "a-da", usually a whisper, when we say Brody or when he sees Brody. And still says da-da when he sees his daddy. He's sleeping at least 10 hours straight at night, which is awesome!

He is getting so so big and is more fun every day. Adam always says "Man, I love that kid" all of the time and it just reminds me how happy he makes us. He keeps us laughing every day. We love you Baby Boy. Can't believe how big yo're getting! Stop growing so fast!

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Nichol Family said...

That hike looked crazy! What a fun thing to do. Wyatt is so dang cute :)