Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Wyatt is One!

We accidently skipped a month because we were so busy, but we'll catch up this time! Our sweet baby is turning into a little boy! We've been up to a lot lately, so here are just some highlights.

Wyatt and I have gone to the splash park a few times this summer, since it's just down the street. He wasn't crawling yet, so it was mostly just Mommy swinging him into the water, but Wyatt loved it!

My Grandpa passed away suddenly, so Wyatt and I went on a road trip with my parents to Phoenix for a week for the funeral. We stopped in Vegas on the way home and Wyatt was AMAZED by all of the lights everywhere! Here he is in front of Excaliber.

Wy is really starting to love toys, so he plays a lot on the floor now while Mommy gets things done around the house. Now that he is crawling (about 11.5 months!), he loves to chase around the toys that he got for his birthday and play.

Baby Boy looks a little funny in this picture, but he is really starting to move around. He's started to pull himself up to the couch and has even figured out how to go up the stairs! Now we just need to figure out how to get DOWN the stairs, but it's much more difficult :) Recently, he just stays away from the stairs going down, or he gets scared if he get's "stuck" on the stairs because he can't get down. He's always so cautious!

We had a fun birthday party for Wyatt, but Daddy and Mommy made sure to make his actual birthday special too. We gave him a few small presents (John Deere UTV and toy semi truck and trailer) and clothes. He loves that JD UTV and plays with it a lot on the floor, rolling it back and forth and making vroom sounds. We also ran lots of errands on his birthday, and made sure to stop at the Sweet Tooth Fairy for a cookie and some cupcakes for later that night.

Little Man has recently gone through a growth spurt, so he's getting a whole new wardrobe! We've been shopping for clothes that are long enough, but not too big for my skinny mini, so it's taken a lot of trying on, but he's been awesome. I can't believe he's been wearing 6-9 month clothing since he was 6 months! With shorts and short sleeves, it was hardly noticable, but now that we're venturing into warmer clothes, I couldn't believe how short his pants were getting!

Wyatt has suddenly become interested in the TV. Not always, but here he is, watching HGTV on the plasma. He really likes the Sesame Street music video that we have and watches that about once a week!

Some more things we want to remember:

**Wyatt has six teeth now! The past three months has been exciting going from no teeth to six. There's always a new one coming!

**He's starting to pick up on little things and is copying and communicating. He signs "all done" VERY enthusiastically when he's finished eating, and copies my tone to say "thank you" after I've given him something. He knows specific words like drink and loves and kisses, so it's really fun to see the new things he picks up each day.

**When Wy gets excited, he fake-laughs and pants like he's out of breath. He thinks he's so funny.

**Wyatt is kinda in between one and two naps during the day, but still sleeps really good at night.

**Wyatt loves Brody, especially Brody's FAVORITE ball. He will drop anything to go crawl after that ball if Brody will let him get to it. Often, Brody thinks he's playing, so Brody will grab the ball and knock Wyatt over. Wyatt cries, so I started saying, "Tell Brody, no no" and pointing my finger at Brody. Wyatt's starting to pick up on it and points to Brody whenever he gets mad.

**He still loves to eat. A few of his favorites are grapes, noodles, milk, chocolate milk, fruit loops, and graham crackers. He also loves to eat whatever we're eating and is never picky, a stinker sometimes, but not picky.

**It's so funny to watch when he's doing something "naughty", because he is SO easily startled. All I have to do is say his name in a warning voice and he jumps so high! Sometimes he gets startled so badly that he starts to cry :) Guess he just has a good conscience early on!

We love you sweet boy. More and more every day! You make us laugh constantly and if all of our kids were like you, we'd probably have 10! You are so fun and mild and sweet.

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