Saturday, November 26, 2011

October and November...

Now that Wyatt's over a year old, my goal was to post AT LEAST monthly, but that is so much harder then it sounds for me. So we'll catch up with two months!

After Wyatt's first birthday, he was finally heavy enough to get a forward-facing car seat. He loves it, looks out the windows and likes to smile at us through the rear view mirror. Sleeping can be a little tricky, though. It makes me so sad when I hit the brakes and his head bounces forward, followed by sad fussing in the back seat :(

Before Halloween, we went to our favorite pumpkin patch with our friends (Kevin, Amber, and Paisley) to get our pumpkins. He loves to ride Daddy's shoulders!
Riding on the John Deere tractor.

Playing with PJ

While we carved our pumpkins, Daddy thought it would be funny to see what Wyatt did with the insides. He touched it once and that was that. We didn't dress up, but for sure will next year when he's old enough to go trick-or-treating!

Off to the zoo we went! It was Wyatt's first time and he really like watching the animals. We went with Uncle Brant and Shelley, and our favorite part was when the baby elephant chased the chickens out of his pen :)

Passing on some of my family traditions to Wyatt. Pie is a HUGE part of Thanksgiving for my family, so part of that is eating pie for breakfast on the morning after Thanksgiving. I don't think Wyatt minded sharing my pumpkin pie with me, do you?
Wyatt has been getting into everything and climbing up everything. He's walking along furniture like crazy and has started to climb on and off of the couch. His favorite pass-time (if I'd let him) is pulling off the toilet paper and putting things into the toilet.

This little guy is very interested in how things work and making them work all by himself. He's been trying to figure out the baby gate, loves to stack cups and "mix" with a bowl and spoon, and every time we wakes up in his crib, he turns on his projector :) My favorite moment... he woke up from his nap, and when I went to get him, I had some of his laundry to put away, so I did that first. His projector had turned off, so he walked to the other side of his crib to turn back on, and then walked back to where I was :) Wyatt loves to play with Brody. He laughs at him a lot and LOVES to get his ball. Oh, and feeding Brody his "leftovers." Plus, playing in Brody's bowl (mainly putting his food into the water bowl) is always fun :)

We had such a good Thanksgiving with both of our families and can't wait to have a wonderful Christmas season!

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So always! Love you guys!