Wednesday, May 26, 2010

May flowers

We planted our front garden this year. After ripping the old plants out (they were mostly dead), we added a bunch of dirt to mound the area, cut out the sod so that it was curvy, and added sprinklers. Then we planted, planted, planted! It was so much work, and took our whole Saturday up, but it looks so much better now.
And if that wasn't enough, we decided on the next Saturday to extend the garden in the front to wrap the whole front yard, not just the house :) So there was another Saturday full of removing grass, adding sprinklers, shoveling and mounding dirt, and planting! It looks so pretty now, and as one girl in our class said "our yard is the nicest in the whole circle!" (and that's saying a lot!)



oh I love gardening.. it's lots of work but is all worth it in the end. PS we booked our tickets to come home for the summer, so we'll have to all get together lots :)

The Erbes said...

Looks like the house is coming along great. How are you two love birds doing? YOu ready for the baby? Hope all is well. Tell Adam aka Pete hi for us.