Wednesday, May 5, 2010

It's a Boy!

Here's the little guy! Doctor and ultrasound tech said everything looks good! The gal doing the ultrasound said that he's VERY active (yikes, already?) and has long feet :) Surprise, surprise!
This is Wyatt at 18 weeks 1 day, but they said his skull and leg length are measuring a week and a half further along, but my due date hasn't been moved up yet.
We almost didn't get to find out the sex on Monday! He was being stubborn, keeping his leg together, and facing towards me rather then out. So they got GREAT pictures of his spine. Luckily, our U/S tech was determined to find out, so she FINALLY let me go to the bathroom (after drinking 32 oz of water before the ultrasound) and by the time I went and came back, he had flipped around! Yes! Then we just had to get him to open up those legs. So with me, her, and Adam pushing my stomach, he finally fluttered them open long enough to show the goods! We were both betting on a girl, so when she said Boy, it caught us both off guard. But we are so excited to start planning for a little man and getting everything ready for his grand arrival in the fall!

Oh, and on a side note, I felt him kick me for the first time last Wednesday, April 28. I was laying almost on my stomach in bed, not wanting to get out of bed yet, when he pounded me! No flutterings, no butterflies, but a really strong kick. He's been beating on me every day since then. And Adam felt him kick last night! He was moving around, so I grabbed Adam's hand (we were sitting on the couch watching the Jazz) and pushed in, hoping that if we pushed, he'd kick back. It took about 20 seconds and then Pow! Adam looked at me in surprise because he had kicked HARD! I'm glad he made himself know to his Daddy, it's so fun being able to share it with him :)


KT said...

YAY! Congrats. I love to find out what people are having. I love having a boy first.
Cute name. I saw the cutest cowgirl frame at hobby lobby the other day, and thought if it's a girl, I'll have to buy it for you, even though you hardly know me. haha

The Nothem Family said...

yay for my little future nephew. by the way, i bought him a little onesie the other day. boys are so fun. if you guys come over to mom and dads sunday i will bring it and you can also look thru those other boy clothes i am getting rid of.