Monday, June 8, 2009

Air Show and Kittens

We decided it was worth the traffic and crowds to go to the Air Show at Hill AFB this past weekend. It was so fun! We were there for probably 4 hours, and were never bored. Here are a few pics we caught. Most of the ones I took are flying airplanes, but hard to see so small.After we went through the gate and walked around for a few minutes, I pulled out the camera so we could document our attendence, before I completely forgot to take pictures (learned that from our honeymoon. Only 1 picture, and it's somewhere on a disposible camera!). Adam was not as obliging as usual, so I only got this one, after promising to make it REALLY fast! Glad it turned out really good (notice the pale color of our faces...not for long!) It was perfectly cool and warm and nice and sunny!

Here's Pete in front of the BIGGEST airplane! The back opens up, and so does the front, so a million people can walk straight through! I wasn't meaning to get Pete in the picture, just the plane, but he happened to turn at just the right time. SCORE!
The grand finale was the Thunderbird show. 6 F-16 Thunderbirds were doing so many cool tricks. I almost missed the show, because I was trying to take so many pictures, but I'm glad I caught this one. They were flying so fast towards eachother, and at the last minute, turned sideways so they didn't crash. So cool! We had tons of fun.

This picture is just funny. After the Air Show (notice the red face! Mostly just hot, but you can just imagine Pete, cause I don't ever burn and he does in seconds!), we went home (the my parents, of course) and they had found this lost kitten. I was holding it, sat down on the floor, and tried to get it to drink something. After successfully getting it to lick some milk from my finger, it started licking my the same spot....for a long time. Couldn't get the poor thing off of me! Her little paws were pushing me, trying to get milk out I think! Pete had to take a picture, thought it was so funny. Never thought a kitten would think of me as it's mother!
Hope you had a great weekend too!


Grammy and Papa said...

We LOVE the airshow. Didn't make it there this year, but thought about it the entire time!! Glad you were able to go and enjoy the crowd!! :) There is nothing quite like it!! When my dad worked at Hill, our family used to get VIP treatment at those air shows. We will never forget it!! It was fun to see your photos...brought back some great memories!!


hahhaha poor kitten... looks like everyone I know went to the air show this past weekend!! I;m bummed we couldn't go!! I LOVE THE AIR SHOW!!! can't wait to see you guys in just a few weeks. June 30th:) thanks for the b-day wishes!