Thursday, May 28, 2009


With the hope of a owning a house very soon, I've spent A LOT of my extra time checking out decorating blogs and fun, different ideas on what I could do with such a blank slate. I found this vinyl design company, Lewa's designs, when I fell in love with this dandelion wall decor. Isn't it so cute? So "on the plains of Kansas", I think. My mom has a Cricut, so letter decals are easy for me to get, but these come in HUGE sizes. They have tons of other cute decals, from nature to nursery designs. Check them out if you have a blank wall you need to fill :)


mimi charmante said...

What a fabulous mural!
Love your blog - I can't wait to go back and read older posts.
Have a fabulous day,

Grammy and Papa said...

That is really a cute design on the wall! Hope all goes well with the hopes of owning a house. Let's go fishin' sometime!

The Jensen's said...

FRIENDY!!!!! I am so sorry we haven't been in touch life is just CRAZY!! I am working now so pretty much Eric and I see eachother for 5 hours on Saturday if we are lucky! You probably have had no luck getting a hold of us because Eric's phone is cancelled and Mine is just now finally working. We have been up North a few times, but have been so busy when we are there we haven't even been able to breathe! I am so excited for you guys to get a house! You will love decorating it and will do such a great job! We really are missing you and think of you often. LOVE you guys!!