Monday, January 12, 2009

Samuel Lee

Here's my new nephew! His name is Samuel and he was born 1/9/09, 9 lbs 2 oz, 21 inches long. He is such a sweet heart, with dark hair, darker skin, and looks like he'll have brown eyes. He is so calm and relaxed, the nurses couldn't get him to cry when he was first born. He just looked around the room, like it was just another day. Cristl is doing great and so is Sam. Here he is, less than a day old, in his Marine outfit my mom found at Build-a-Bear. My brother in law is a Marine and stationed in Iraq, so we took pictures of him in this outfit to send to him. Luckily, Steve (my bro-in-law) got to watch the birth via webcam, listen from a cell phone, and watch it all later on the camcorder. It was lucky for him, because they were shutting down his camp that day, and shortly after Sam was born, they finally shut down power and connection at the camp. It had been delayed. We are so happy to invite him to our family and Pete and I can't wait to kidnap him to give my sister a break from baby and get our baby fix!

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The Jensen's said...

He is adorable you guys! I love the little outfit. Hope your sister is doing well. Missing you guys!!!