Monday, December 29, 2008

Merry Christmas!

We've finally figured out how to divide up Christmas! Christmas Eve and early Christmas morning with my family, and the rest of Christmas Day with Adam's. Then we get to go to both families and get all Peterson traditions in :) Here's how our weekend went. We got off work after 1:00 pm on Christmas Eve and hurried home to shower, pack our stuff, and go over to my parent's house for Christmas Eve dinner. After dinner, we went with my whole family to see the lights at Temple Square. I don't know why the temple is green....
Then we went back to my mom and dad's to hang out and spend the night. The sleeping part was a little tricky, with a small bed and two LARGE people :) We were woken up by the kids and opened presents. Adam got a Rotozip and router table to use in his woodshop, and a fly-tying book so he can learn some new fly-fishing flies. I got new cowgirl boots, a cute dress, and an OLD Nintendo Adam found in his parents basement that I've wanted forever! Best Christmas Ever!
This was a sibling gift exchange for us. We love this flag and have already hung it up at home :)
Here's Mom and Dad, opening presents. She can't wait to watch Mama Mia!

My brother Brant and his cute girlfriend, Shelene opening presents.

Here's Cristl, very pregnant, and very much missing her hubby who's in Iraq. To make her feel less isolated, I put our brother-in-law, Phil, in the pic with her :)

Here's sister Chantel with her kiddos, Baby Brynlee, McKayla, and Parker. Favorite presents? Parker loved his "spinny" things and McKayla love her sparkly presents.

After presents, we got ready and spent an our shoveling ourselves out of the driveway at my parent's (10 inches!!) and finally got out and on our way, running a little late :) The roads were bad until we got to 90th south and then it was dry, like another world! The breakfast casserole at Adam's Aunt Tracy's was great, and we hung out there until it was time to go up to Adam's grandparent's house for dinner. Here's me and my mother-in-law, not moving after we've eaten too much.
Awwww, such a cute couple :)
After dinner, we went back to Mom and Dad's to play games with everyone. We stayed until 11 and got ready to leave, our car packed full of presents! It was so windy, but we only had to drive 5 minutes.....or so we thought. The road to Suncrest was a white-out and after about 35 seconds, we found ourselves suddenly stuck in a snowdrift! Couldn't even see it! After trying to get out, I called my dad to come rescue us. Adam made me stay in the car, it was so cold and windy, while him and my dad tried to see and get us out. There is no tow hook on my car, so they finally got down in the snow and hooked it to my axle. Then I started freaking out because I had to steer while my dad pulled me backwards out of the snow and I could see out of my windows. Luckily, I rolled down the window an inch and Adam guided me (took a lot of trust). We got out of the drift, but as I pulled around to drive back to my parents house for the night, the wind pushed me into a snowdrift! Serious! So, Adam tried to push as I rocked the car, yelled at it a lot, and finally got through. I slowly drove the block to my family, didn't dare park in the driveway all of the way, but as I pulled in just enough to get out of the street, it started sliding towards my sister's van. I screamed out my now open window "I can't stop!" so my dad and Adam pushed the sliding car into a pile of snow before it hit the van. Finally, we were to shelter without any extra clothes or undies. Adam was freezing, standing in the wet snow blowing like crazy for 1 1/2 hours so we got him dry and went to bed around two. The next morning was another "shovel for an hour to get our car out" morning but we REALLY wanted to get home and shower. Oh, we need to get new tires after having to spin them to get out of the snow, and somehow the E-brake cable broke when my dad was pulling us out. But luckily, that's all! Wow, that's a long post and I'm exhausted just re-living it!

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Caytlin said...

We totally got stuck in that storm driving back from my parents' house. SO SCARY!! And by the way....I want that BYU/Utah flag. We've joked about making one, but I've never actually seen one! Did someone buy it??