Wednesday, August 6, 2008

New Job for Adam!!!!

Since i started my new job at AVI, I have loved it, especially the great guys I work with. So, pulling some strings (and working the charm himself), I got Adam and interview at my company and they hired him before they even looked at his resume! He's so excited to leave his current company (though they hate to see him leave) and he gets to start on August 18. We can't wait!!!


Levi and Heather said...

Well HELLLOOOO strangers!!! I didnt know he was gonna work with us..NICE!!! that is exciting. But gotta run so ill see you guys soon.

Chantel said...


The Shreeve Family said...

Hey guys we decieded that we need to go camping again so when ever your down we are so there! Cute Blog Hayle