Monday, May 30, 2011

Wyatt is 8 months old ALREADY!

Forgot to post last month, so I have TWO months to catch up on.

Wyatt made his first trip down to Scipio for Easter. He did really good not to touch anything at the Antique Store :)

It was freezing for the Easter Egg Hunt, and since it was Wyatt's naptime, he just stayed wrapped up in his favorite blanket in Mommy and Daddy's arms.

Wyatt loves to try any food we put in front of him. Sometimes he takes it without hesitation, and sometimes he shuts his lips tight and pulls back to look at it for a few seconds before it passes his inspection. He is a REALLY good eater, still eating every two hours during the day!
He especially loves sweet treats! Daddy got this sucker for him at the bank :)

We had a spell of warm days and the ice cream truck came by our neighborhood. Mommy couldn't help but buy her sweet boy his very own popsicle. (PS, our tulips finally came up! It was our first time to plant tulips and we were very excited when they finally popped up)

It was My birthday this month. I was spoiled with flowers, a new diaper bag, and a NICE dinner out on the town at The New Yorker (my fav!).

Wyatt love to chew on his toes and likes to pull off his shoes so that he can chew on them.
He's looking so big!

What else we've been up to:

We (as in Adam) have built two landscaping rock walls to try and finish off or side yard. We've also planted grass seed around our new patio, planted flowers in the front yard, a large herb garden and some veggies.

Wyatt LOVES to talk. He likes to say Dada in the mornings when he's still in bed and he talks really loud when it's noisy. He growls back at Daddy when Daddy growls at him :)

Wyatt knows who Brody is and smiles and laughs at Brody every day. Sure loves that big hairball.

No crawling yet, but he loves to sit up on the floor and play with his toys. We just had to lift his Jumparoo up higher because he gets bouncing so high it lifts off of the ground! He also likes to lay on his back and push up on his legs so he can bounce his bum in the hair. It's pretty funny.

He has gotten really good at picking food up and putting it in his mouth, and prefers to feed himself. And he's finally gotten the hang of a sippy cup! (we've been working on it for a long time, since he won't take a bottle)

Wyatt gets really giggly before bed time. It's so fun to make him laugh out loud over the most simple things. He has such a great laugh!

Wyatt loves to play in the bathtub, especially with his rubber ducky. He pushes it in the water, then splashes until I hand it back to him. Then he holds it, drops it back in the water after a minute, and then splashes all over again :)

Wyatt is growing so fast. He's still just long and skinny, with such light blonde hair and big blue eyes. I never get sick of people telling us how cute he is :) Just makes me happy to know I'm not the only one that thinsk he's absolutely adorable. It's so fun to watch him grow and learn, we're so lucky to have such a sweet boy. We love you, Scooter!

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