Saturday, April 9, 2011

Wyatt 6 months

This is a little late, because my pics have been stuck on the card, but here's what's new with Wyatt. We have NO luck with bottles anymore, so we've been "practicing" with sippy cups before the hot summer comes! Mostly he just chew on it and swallows the little water that gets in his mouth and not on his shirt :) We've been continuing with solid foods, adding proteins to the fruit-veggie-only diet. And Wyatt loves almost any food we give him! He gags on lots of solid things that get on the back of the tongue, so we're trying to go slowly so he'll get the hang of swallowing. Favorite new snack? Nilla Wafers! They get ALL OVER! Wyatt is starting to notice lots of new things. Brody (which he cracks up at all of the time!), strange new people, and especially the camera. This is the face I catch most. He won't smile at my silly faces because he just stares at the camera :) Wyatt likes to arch his back while he pushes up on his legs, so he turns himself sideways. And kick at anything close to his feet. So most of the time when I put him under this playmat, he ends up knocking down the arch and stradling it :) Often with a toy in his mouth too Uncle Brant loves Wyatt, but I don't think he's so sure about him. Maybe because Uncle likes to let Wyatt try "new" things to see the funny look on his face. Horseradish, wasabi, etc. But only when Mommy isn't looking. I wouldn't trust him either, little buddy! We practice tummy time, but no signs of pushing up to crawl yet. Probably because we start out like this. Then five minutes later...... go to this...... and end up like this :) Oh, and Brody thinks that blanket is for him. And that Wyatt's baby lotion tastes delicious :) Paisley and Wyatt love to play together. PJ came over and had fun "tickling" Wyatt. Mostly, we just have a sweet, happy baby boy. He loves to talk to himself (mostly ada-da-da-da!) and chew on his fingers. He smiles REALLY big when I say Dada amd smiles the biggest for his Daddy. He loves to play in his jumparoo and bounces so high it seems like he's going to get it off of the ground! He smacks his lips if we're eating and we don't give him a little taste :) He likes to shout, but with his mouth closed sometimes, and his face is so funny! Wyatt loves to touch Brody and giggles when Brody smells his tummy. He's so fun amd we both love him to pieces!



he is so stinking cute!! I can't believe he's 6 mo already. Man those kids are growing to fast without me! Can't wait to come visit!

Amber said...

So so cute!! We can't wait to spend some time with you guys over Easter!

Nicole said...

I just got caught up on your blog Hayley. Wyatt is a doll!