Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Wyatt- 5 months

Wyatt, you are 5 months old! Time has flown! What are you up to lately?

--Your current nicknames: Bubba (mommy) and Scooter (Daddy). Daddy also likes to call you Dooderhead, but mostly because you laugh every time he says it :)
--you LOVE to eat food! Your favorite things right now would have to be bananas and sweet potatoes. Least favorite? Peas and peaches.
--You love to watch US eat. When we're eating in front of you, you watch us really closely and smack your lips like you're missing out. So we usually give you a little taste of whatever we're eating :) And you love it
--You love your daddy. You stare at him when he's around and smile when he's not paying attention to you. He can Always make you laugh first!
--You are constantly moving. You kick your legs a lot and you always slap your leg with your right hand. Does that show a preference maybe?
--You HATE tummy time! You'll last for 5 minutes on your stomach, but then you stick your face into the ground and cry until we turn you over. Who knows when you'll learn how to crawl!!!
--You talk all of the time. You love to hear lots of different pitches in your voice, so you talk from low to high pitch and vary your volume from one second to the next :) Your current favorite sound is a growling sound that makes it sound like you're choaking. Mommy loves that...
--You love to grab toys and especially Mommy's hair when she's feeding you. And, of course, everything goes right in your mouth :)
--You love to be scared, but especially by Daddy. He throws you in the air, balances you on his hand, and tries to startle you every chance he can! And you love every minute of it. You always have a big grin and laugh out load with your Daddy.
--You sleep really good during the day and at night too, but lately have been waking up a few times during the night to eat. Another growth spirt maybe?
--You are still long and skinny, but starting to get just a little chub on your legs

We love you so much and it is SO FUN to watch you discover the world around you each day. You keep changing so much, and we enjoy you at each stage, but can't wait for you to get bigger and bigger! Love you Buddy



ah he's to cute.. I think he looks like his mommy in that video. Hayden hated tummy time too so he didn't crawl til he was 10 months LOL he'll figure it all out! XOXO

Amber said...

Dooder...really Scottie??? He's way too cute for that nickname! Just kidding! Love ya'll!