Sunday, February 20, 2011

What we've been up to...

Lots of pictures, not a lot of words.

Wyatt HATES tummy time, so we try the tummy for a little while and then turn him on his back. Brody always wants to be on the blanket with Wyatt, but we have to keep him from smothering Wyatt. But that doesn't stop Brody from taking a nap while Wyatt kicks him :)

We helped a dear friend of ours move. Miss you already, Shelley! (plus I cut my hair SHORT, but I'm always behind the camera so I don't have pics)

Wyatt is eating baby food now and LOVES it! Favorites so far: bananas and squash. Least favorites: carrots and peaches. Making homemade baby food is so much easier then I thought and so convenient.

Most of Wyatt's long, brown hair has fallen out and blonde has moved in, thick and long. Can't do the mohawk anymore because his hair is to stubborn, so it just gets spiked. And surprise surprise, he has a cowlick JUST like his daddy's. Turning into a little boy!

Wyatt is smiling all of the time! And loves to laugh, especially at Daddy. They've become best buds.

Last but not least. Wyatt finally fits into his cowboy hat! Yay, just in time for Easter in Scipio!


Nichol Family said...

He is so dang cute. We need to hang out soon and I really want to see your hair.

The Jensen's said...

AHHHH!! He is so cute!!! I think he looks a lot like both of you! I already have tons of baby food jars for you too by the way.


he is so stinking cute... can't wait to see him soon... SHHHHH it's a secret but I'm coming to visit in MAY:)PS you'll have to teach me about this home made stuff maybe one day I'll think about it :)