Friday, November 5, 2010

One Month Already!!!

This is just a tad late, but better late then never!

Wyatt, you're a month old already! You weigh 9 lbs (50%) and are 21.25 inches long (70%)! Your favorite thing is to eat. You love to be talked to and love to look around. Your neck is getting so strong you hold your head up most of the time. You got RSV right before your one month birthday and you're working through it like a champ! The dr said he couldn't believe how well you are doing for being so young. No hospital for us! You are always stuffy, so you snort a lot and Mommy calls you Piggie when you do. We love to watch you dream because you make such funny faces and smile so big! We love you so much, Little Man!


(here's a little video for those of you who don't get to see him everyday like I do!)



he's so adorable you two. So who ya think he's looking like these days? I think I am seeing lots of Hayley!! Sorry to hear about the RSV, no fun! atleast you didn't have to do the whole hospital sauga like he had with Hayden, it's the WORST! Hope he feels better soon!

The Jensen's said...

Oh he is sooo CUTE! Someone really awesome must have gotten him that cool chair too! I hope he feels better and Mommy is getting some rest.

Kevin & Amber said...

I LOVE him!! Its crazy how fast the time goes. Enjoy him while he is so little and cuddly. He already is looking bigger. I need to come hold him soon!! I'm glad to here he is doing better.

Kevin & Amber said...

im glad to hear.. i meant

Amber said...

CUUUUUTE!!! Hayley, I'm so glad you posted the video. It's so fun to see the little man. Loves from the Larrabees!!