Wednesday, October 6, 2010

New baby comes to town!

Our little guy is here! Here's the story, I'll try and keep it as short as possible :)

My water broke on Sept. 28th at 4:30 pm. It was our anniversary :) It broke as I lay in bed, talking to Adam who had just woken up from the nap he was taking right beside me (I couldn't sleep). All of the "tricks" I had done to start labor didn't work, but trying to take a nap did! I gasped and told Adam, "Either I just pee'd my pants or my water just broke!"
We went to the hospital (after stopping for a quick bite) and it didn't take long for them to admit me into labor and delivery. I was leaking everywhere! When we were moved to a L&D room, I started bleeding A LOT, so they quickly got me hooked up and checked on the baby to make sure everything was A-okay, and it was.
My contractions didn't get stronger by themselves, so they put me on Pitocin. That stuff SUCKS!!! It made it hurt REALLY BAD, so at about 12:30 am, I got an epidural :) Yahoo! This is me shortly after, shivering from the epidural and labor. I took a two hour nap, and when I woke up, pushed for 1.5 hours......

This little guy came out! Crying crying crying (just like his daddy) but as pale as a ghost. They were worried that he wasn't getting enough oxygen (because he was so white) so they took him to the nursery quickly.
Here's me again after all of the pushing and stitching was over, finally enjoying the Sprite that I had been craving the whole labor!
Adam came back with Wyatt only 15 minutes after they had left for the nursery and he was just perfect and pale (takes after his daddy in more ways then one). I finally got to hold my handsome little boy for more then a few seconds. Ten fingers and ten toes PERFECT.
Here's Adam holding his son :) I think he cried for two hours straight after Wyatt was born. I've only seen him cry twice, once across the alter when we were married and when Wyatt was born.
A few hours later, Adam and Grandpa and Grandma Peterson took Wyatt to the nursery for his first bath. Daddy did such a good job!
All clean and wide awake!
Yay, my turn! Finally settled in our room and as a family :)
We only stayed at the hospital for 36 hours after delivery, and here's Wyatt in his special going-home outfit that his Papa McLellan bought him (tradition in my family).
Daddy is anxious to get home!
Home sweet home! Now we're ready to begin the rest of our lives together as a family :)


The Erbes said...

Congrats!!!!!! he is adorable. enjoy your new addition to the family.


he's darling Hayley!!! crazy the emotions that are flying in that room, such a special time!! Isn't that first ride home wierd??? I had moments where I'd forget H in the car for a slit second, nothing but good times from here on out. can't wait to hold him, now you will have lots to blog about:)

Nichol Family said...

Adam makes me cry, I loved his face holding Wyatt. Sounds like a pretty good story Hayley! I can't wait to meet him and hold him. Congrats!

KT said...

Yep I still stock your blog. I had to see the little guy! He's so cute, and that made me laugh about how he's white and they were worried, but realized daddy's white. lol Reminded me of how he tried to fake bake before the cruise.
So glad everything went well, you crack me up you're so cute. You look great, good luck with everything.

Tony and Erica said...

congrats to your cute new family! Im glad your all home and things are good!

The Lee Adventure said...

Congrats!! I am so happy for you and Adam. He's absoulty handsome! Love him as much as you can, its only like this once! I am so happy for you guys!!