Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Skirts VS Dresses

Okay, I feel bad that I haven't posted ANYTHING in like two weeks, but we've both been sick and it's hard for me to blog without a picture. I desperately wanted to take a picture on our date last night, but it's no fun to take one of yourself and Adam DID NOT want to take a picture!

So instead of posting about our life now-a-days, I have a question. Which do you prefer? Dress or skirt? Now, you can have mixed feelings (you love the look of dresses, but skirts are more comfortable... or maybe like dresses for more fancy events and skirts for everyday) but it doesn't matter. I just want to know what you think. We've had this arguement in our house for a long time, because it's the only opinion Adam seems to have, and it's opposite of mine. So what will it be?

Dresses? Or skirts?


Kevin & Amber said...

I love dresses!! Skirts are cute too. But for some reason I perfer a cute dress. I hate trying to find a shirt to go with the skirt. You guys always have random debates going on. Because you both are so opinionated. Its awesome! You will have to tell me who perfers what.

The Jensen's said...

See I prefer a skirt because I can mix and match it with more tops to make more outfits! But that is because I am cheap...

KT said...

Dresses look retarded on my body type, just makes my gut look bigger and shows my no boobs more. So I even wear nice skirts and shirts w/necklaces to Brooks fancy events.
Also more comfortable.
What's yours and Adams opinions?
Oh I do like dresses on my girls though. Kids-dresses, Women-skirts
Thanks for the entertainment.


I think dresses are dressier then skirts, but skirts you can wear more often for any occasion. so I think it depends of the occasion LOL can't wait to hear the outcome of this one

Caytlin said...

A comfy, cute dress is better than a skirt or pair of pants any day of the week...like my gray maxi dress I can't wear enough! It's like wearing pajamas to work :)