Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Done with Appliances!

After spending lots of money (thousands! that sounds like so much!) we're finally finished with purchasing new appliances! Yay! As much as I love them, I'm so glad to not be spending so much cash. Now I get to replenish the savings account to be more comfortable, like it used to be :) Oh, but of course I wouldn't post about it without some pictures! So here's a before (after paint of course) and an after (more like a "during" since come spring everything will be moved around and look so different!)

Before: so much wasted space above the stove, and a vent that hardly worked.

Replaced our micro with a pretty shiny one, moved the cabinent up, and got our microwave off of the precious countertop!
Oh, did I mention we had an electric range and now we have gas? Yeah, the house didn't come like that, so Adam learned how to run a gas line :)
All done! Oh so pretty :) From blah to blown away!
Wow, look at all of those BTU's!!! (amount of heat being put out. It's a technical term) And five burners complete with a full grate, so no more tipping pots on the stove. Gotta love the heat happenin' here!
B-E-A-utiful! And just because we're so excited about our new stove, everyone's invited to our house, anytime, for some dinner and dessert (you just have to pick who "gets" to cook.)
PS, Adam's a really really really good cook :)


Bonnie @ House of Grace said...

I really like your site. Love the appliances! Thank you so much for entering the Get Clean Giveaway on the Thick Decor Chick blog. I am sorry that you did not win. If you have any questions about my products please fell free to call me at 630-262-1007 or go to my website DonahueWellness.MyShaklee.com.


wow that looks awesome! You are goin to love that gas stove I won't ever go back! miss you guys

Chantel said...

I will be coming for dinner as soon as I can, so you can have a chance to try cooking gluten free. It will be a fun challenge.