Wednesday, October 28, 2009

What would you do with $4000?

Since we bought a house in 2009, we get $8000 back on our taxes at the beginning of the year! Hooray! As much as I'd love to go to Europe, Australia, and New Zealand with that money, I'm a bit too practical (bummer, right?). We've decided to put half of it towards our savings account (gotta save for a rainy day) and the other half toward our house, the best investment we could make. So, that gives me $4000 to play with :) So, what would you spend $4000 on for your house? We're thinking about kitchen improvements and our yard, but what would you do? You might have a suggestion that I never would have thought about, so please, GIVE YOUR IMPUT!!!


The Nothem Family said...

I would start decorating your bedroom more and get some more stuff for your front room. If you cant do anything in the yard til spring anyways, you can always start working on that basement room too. getting something like a pool table would help to finish that room, and be super fun to use.


you gotta have a yard for all those BBQ's and place for your doggie to play so if were my money (JEALOUS) :) it would for sure be put into the yard. So we booked our tickets home for the holidays can't wait to see you guys!

KT said...

Hayley! It's your cruising buddies Brooks and Katie! Just thought I would check out your blog. I came from the Jensen's. Anyway, I see you've been cruising like crazy since our January cruise. Brooks and I would love to do another, but pawning 4 kids on someone is getting hard.
I browsed through your blog and saw you go to the Scipio Rodeo!??! We go every year. How did we miss you!?!? In the 40 people there? I have family from Scipio, why do you guys go? We usually stay at the grove also, but didn't this year. The best way to catch fish is hot dog roasters. I just think it's so funny.
My email address is My blog is private, but email me your email address, and I'll invite ya.