Monday, October 12, 2009

It's a boy!

Hope that title got your attention! Nope, I'm not preggo, but we do have a baby boy in our house.

Meet Brody.

He's our new puppy :) Golden lab and so cute, even though he pees on the carpet if I don't watch him, and whines when I'm trying to sleep. But he's so fun!

This picture of him is right after his first bath on the day we brought him home. He's such a snuggle bug and so cute and chubby.

See, isn't he cute? Luckily, since it was Adam's idea to get a puppy right now, he gets to wake up with him at night to take him out. Fair, right?


Tony and Erica said...

Hope he didnt pee all over while we were at dinner ;)
We had fun with you guys and Amber and Kevin. Maybe we should do it again:)


oh my... you totally got me! I totally thougth you were prego for a minute and then thought NO I hope I would have been told before now... doggies are good kids too!! so fun!
P.S. Paul looked at your blog the other night and said first thing he thought when he saw you header pic was, HOLY JUNK PETE!! LOL I was laughing saying I didn't even think that, that is one of my fav pics. LOL

The Jensen's said...

I LOVE YOUR PUPPY! Eric will be so jealous he really wants a lab. I totally thought you were announcing too. So funny! Sorry we didn't give ya a call this weekend. It was a quick trip up and we brought up a couple from Eric's work to see the prophet speak. If we would have had a second to breathe you know we would have called. Life is just so crazy right now. Don't worry we didn't get to see anyone extra this trip so PLEASE don't be sad. You know you guys are our first choice when time allows. We do miss you tons too! Oh and I swear I already told Pete before, but Eric doesn't have a phone anymore and mine won't accept text messages so that is why he doesn't get a response. Ha ha I hope someone new doesn't have that number now. Cause they are probably like who is Friendy?? Ha ha!