Monday, April 27, 2009

My Weekend Project

So, I've been wanting to start another sewing project, but with every extra penny going towards saving for a down payment, no extra money for fabric :( When we were moving out of our duplex, I kinda pushed Adam to clean out his closet. He got rid of a lot that he never wore, and threw some pretty old shirts away, but when he came to this one (which he really likes) we were both torn. He never wears it because it is too big, but we both really like it. So I stole it and stuffed it in my fabric box, hoping to either alter it to fit, or make something out of it. Here it is.
Okay, second story. My mom has always sewn (even her wedding dress!). I grew up sewing. My dad likes to tell the story (whenever "sewing" is brought up) that when he was first married and my oldest sister was a baby, he was at work (Air Force) and the sleeve of his white shirt got grease all over it. Ruined, of course. So my mom made a pinafore (apron that you wear over a dress) for my sister out of the extra fabric. I just love that, so innovative, so resourceful, so sentimental, so me! So after a little thought, I asked Adam if I could rip his shirt apart and make a dress out of it. He LOVES that I can sew (and totally a sucker for baby girl clothes) so he was all for that idea. Well, this weekend I cut up that shirt and this is what I came up with. I wanted to keep the "shirt" details in the dress, so that we could still see that "shirt" come out of the dress. Let me just point out that my mom (my sewing idol) just made an apron, and I made a dress, bloomers, and headband and shoes are soon to come :) Take that!
The details I kept:
-Had to have the snap buttons!
-Kept all of the tags and put them on the dress
-Used the front flap pockets, made them much smaller, for butt pockets on the bloomers (my fav)
-Used the point at the back of the shirt (towards the top, the yoke) to make a point for the yoke on the dress.
This has been one of my favorite projects. I've never made something out of an article of clothing, especially making something so different from the original. What do you think? Would you put this on your baby? Adam is overjoyed, thinks it's the cutest thing. See? A major sucker :)


Chantel said...

Hayley, that is too cute!

The Jensen's said...

Oh my gosh! You are so AWESOME!! But I guess we already knew that didn't we! TALENT TALENT TALENT is all I have to say!


hahah oh my word!! you are so creative!! unbelievable!!! when you have kids they are goin to be so cute!! you remind me of some ladies out here that have made dresses from their dads old dress shirts and pillow cases and they all turn out super cute!! good luck on the house hunt