Monday, April 13, 2009

Easter 2009

Okay, the pictures are in the wrong order, but here we go anyways. Every Easter (as per Peterson tradition) we go to Scipio, UT for the town Easter Egg Hunt on Saturday and then go "Eastering" (BBQ in the mountains) that afternoon, with a stop at the Round Valley Antique Store. Here are me and Adam, trying not to eat the Easter Eggs we dyed on Easter before they're all done.

Here's us "Eastering". It was sprinkling almost the entire time (flat hair, yuck!) and even hailed for a few minutes. Here we are in front of the stream. Adam caught probably 10 fish (most when he went without me, the stinker) and I caught one before our nephews ran over and scared the fish down stream :) New hot jeans, I totally love them. The fit perfect the WHOLE day, not too tight, not stretched out, plently long enough. Wanna guess where I bought these beauties? Pete calls them "hot butt pants" and they were 50 bucks (much more then I like to pay, but not horrible). Any guesses? CAL Ranch. I know, only me :)

That's the fish I caught. Love to catch and reel them in, hate to unhook them. Good thing Pete doesn't care. And Vancie (it's my dad-in-law, but I call him Vancie instead of just Vance. More fun, kinda become a pet name for him) taking care of the fish for me. Two almost died, including this one, but after floating on the water for ten mintues, they started breathing again. Yeah!

I also spent $36.00 at the antique store (kinda a lot for me, but I got such great deals. Frequent shopper discount(: ). I'll show my spoils once I finish creating my projects. Hope everyone had a Happy Easter!

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Heather said...

Now a days 50 bucks for jeans is a STEAL!!! They look really cute too! Looks like you guys had a great time in Scipio where they have those "cement ponds"! (I think that is what Pete and Eric used to say?)