Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Adam's "Birthday"

Since Pete is going to be hunting on his birthday, we decided to celebrate it the weekend before. I had an early day off at work to attend my friend's sealing on Friday, so I got to surprise Adam, which NEVER happens! I had worked out to get a 42" plasma to my parent's house that I had bought for his birthday and my pregnant little sister helped me get it to our house and set it up. I bought a yummy looking birthday cake and made him chili and cornbread, as per Pete's request. He was so excited as he walked through the door after work and saw his new plasma! He's wanted one since we got married and right now was the perfect time to get one. We rented a movie to watch on his new TV that night and ate cake and popcorn! Happy Birthday, BAB!!! :)

The funny voice you hear is me :) We talk funny to each other to make us laugh. Notice that Adam is a little distracted? Can't take his eyes of High Definition!!! :)


The Jensen's said...

Oh shoot buddy, you look so happy to have a cake and candles and a new plasma. Sickies!!!


doesn't it pay off to work at AVI hahahha tell everyone Hi for me.. I miss them!! Happy be-lated b-day PETE