Monday, November 12, 2012

The Rest of the Summer

We had so much fun playing outside this summer.  Wyatt loved to play in the dirt and water in the backyard, and always enjoyed getting into the tomato plants.  This kid LOVES tomatoes, especially home-grown tomatoes.
 I forgot to post about Scipio!  We had our bi-annual trek to Scipio, this time for the rodeo.  This was the first time that Wyatt REALLY got to enjoy Scipio, with all of the space to run around and animals to see.  Wyatt loves animals and animal sounds. He used to only know a few animal names, and the ones he couldn't get, he would just make the sounds instead.  Now he knows all of the farm animal names and sounds and enjoys pointing them out and saying "Birdie says Tweet Tweet".

 Wyatt liked the rodeo too, but especially loved the snow cones.  His lips were blue before the rodeo even began. Adam loved to have his little boy enjoy Scipio as much as he does, and we can't wait to bring them every year and let them enjoy the small town feel, if only for a day.
 Since I haven't felt like doing much, with such a hot summer and being pregnant with Weston, we went on lots of car rides, especially up the canyons were the air was cool (our AC broke in our car this summer and we never got around to fixing it!).  This is up Butterfield Canyon, just when the colors REALLY started to pop.  I love it up there, and it's so close to home, so it's one of our favorite places to drive on Sunday evenings.
 Wyatt's birthday was really mellow this year, since we were expecting a baby any day.  So for his birthday, Daddy and Mommy took Wyatt around for a fun day and the next day (Sunday) we had all of our family over for dinner and cake.  This is the only pictures we got.  Hey, Adam didn't want to help Wyatt open presents and I was too tired to take pictures AND be the hostess.  Plus, who would want to be 9 months pregnant and posing in pictures?
 (I went into labor the day after this pic was taken,so stay tuned for Weston's b-day post!)

We really did have a good summer, but sure can't wait for next year when I won't be pregnant and we can enjoy it all together!

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