Thursday, March 19, 2009

Living the Crazy Life!

At the moment, this is how I feel. Every other sentence consists of a sigh, trying to calm down, not get overwhelmed, relax even for a fraction of a breath (plus I really LOVE this picture. I'm going to try and take one like it for my Etsy page.). With work, church callings (yes, I still have TWO BIG ONES!), trying to finish dresses that have been bought, helping my sister sew a dress before she leaves, hanging out with my bro who came to visit, trying to get an Etsy shop up, searching for a house, and the dreadful thought that we have two weeks to pack up our house and move in with my PARENTS, while having no time to spend with my husband is slowly (well maybe not that slowly) making me crazy.

I don't want to go to work! I don't want to make dinner! I don't want to shave my legs! I don't want to wear anything but my pajamas!

Can I please have a break? Can't I just sit on the beach and feel the sand in my toes and sun on my face? I REALLY want to go on a cruise, but do I spend the money on that or save more money towards a down-payment? I don't know! These feelings of doubt, doom, and darkness are really eating at me. So here I go to the temple!!! (without my husband, cause he's still doing a side job)


Grammy and Papa said...

Sounds like it is time for us to "Board the Big Ship!!" Where shall we go and when?? :)

Chantel said...

Oh I so feel for you. I am currently going through similar feelings. Unfortunately my husband isn't around much with work and his calling, and taking care of 3 kids on my own is harder than I ever thought it would be. He will even be gone this weekend to do recruiting in Utah. It is hard to not have a little jealously and feel overwhelmed. So Hayley you are totally normal. You will have to tell more about you being on Etsy. I am really curious.

The Jensen's said...

Doesn't growing up stink!! At least you have your priorites in order. Overwhelmed, attend the temple. That is wisdom beyond your years! Good Luck!