Tuesday, February 17, 2009


Okay, so I need everyone's opinion, please! I made this handmade this dress, put it on KSL and it's NOT SELLING! TONS of people are looking at it, but I haven't gotten even one call! It's made of cotton/poly for easy cleaning, but not as wrinkly, had a zipper in back, fully lined, with cute satin flower trim. Everyone I know that's seen it just thinks it's awesome and so cute, so the only thing I can come up with is the price is too high. So tell me how much you would buy this dress for. Now, don't be too generous, that won't help if everyone says "a million dollars!" because I need your honest opinion. Please please please let me know what you think. Thanks


The Erbes said...

Hayley, I wouldn't take it personally. Being a mother of a daughter, and kind of a thrifty person, I couldn't pay more than $30-40 for a dress like that. Especially since it is only going to be worn once by my baby.

Also, I think that with the current economy people are just not spending a lot of money. I can't imagine how frustrating it must be though, to put so much work into a beautiful dress and not have any bites.

With Parx I didn't even buy a blessing dress. I was given a really pretty white summer dress as a gift when she was born and I just ended up using that as her blessing dress. Maybe that is what is happening. People are making due with what they have.

Hang in there though!!...You are so Talented!!. It will all work out some how.

Amber and Kevin Smith said...

Hayley, it is a darling dress. I would probably pay like $45-50 for it. Did it cost a lot to make it? How much are you selling for? maybe make a few differant styles to choose from. plus people are not really spending money right now??


Hayley I'm sorry you've puttin in all this hard work and it's not selling... what a bummer!!! I don't know what you have it priced at or how much time, effort, or material you put into it. I would have a hard time spending more then 35-40$ for it!!! just cuz it's a ONE time deal... hang it there!!!

The Jensen's said...

I think the dress is so darling! I agree with everyone though it would be hard to spend more than $40 on something worn only once. I looked around for Colton's little suit outfit and spent like $35 and it killed me!! I also ended up using it for Trey. Hang in there you will get some bites!
P.S. Funny side story. Eric thought your dress was for a woman not a baby. He couldn't figure out why you would be selling "pilgram clothes" I think he put it. Ha ha ha! I told him it was a baby blessing dress idiot! Than it all came together for him.
You should see if Heather has found a baby dress for Halle yet. Maybe you could make her one?