Thursday, July 17, 2008

Salt Lake Temple

I wanted a picture of our temple in our house, but couldn't find any I liked. So, not giving up, I took one myself! Everyone likes it, so i thought I'd post it.


Holley and Brandon said...

Hey Hayley, I just saw on Facebook that you started a blog- Brandon and I have one too so you should add us. Our is I love blogging, it's so much fun!

Chantel said...

What a beautiful picture. Maybe you could work on trying to get one like that of the Mt Timp Temple for your big sis.

Gutierrez Family said...

Hey you! I just found your email - it ended up in my spambox for some reason. I love the picture you took of the temple! I need to steal it from you so I can make a print. I'm so glad you got a new job close to us - come visit us anytime! Rico has a ton of family over this week but they're leaving on Saturday.